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How To Change Photo In Aadhar Card

An Aadhaar card is very important for Indian citizens because an Aadhaar card can prove their identity. It is often seen that many people get the wrong picture on their Aadhaar card then it needs to be corrected. The person can change his picture if he wants. In today’s article, I will show you “How to change the photo on Aadhar card?”.

How to change the photo on the Aadhar card?

The Aadhaar card is the national identity card of Indians. Aadhaar Card is an Important Identity Card for the Citizens of India. This is because it contains both the cardholder’s biometrics and the demographic details, but may be in a situation where a person may need to update their details in the aadhaar card. Then Indians will be able to correct their Aadhaar card details if they want.

If wrong information is added to their Aadhaar card, they can correct it, even if the person’s picture is wrong, they can change it and put another picture.

We will show you step-by-step what you need to do to change the photo on your Aadhaar card.

  • First you have to go to your nearest Aadhaar card office where you can download the photo change form from their website.
  • Then, you will need to carefully fill out the form correctly.
  • After completing the correction form properly, submit it to the Aadhaar Card Officer and provide your biometric details there.
  • After giving the biometric information, take your new picture and update it.
  • You will then need to provide biometric details again to prove that you are that person.
  • They will take 100 rupees free from you for changing the picture then they will give you a slip
  • They will give you an update request number that will allow you to check the information you have updated.
  • All you have to do now is re-download the form that you have updated your information on the Aadhaar card website.
  • Visit the official website of Aadhaar Card and click on the Aadhaar Card section then download from there.
  • Now you have to select the Aadhaar card Aadhaar card number and enter the 12 digit number there.
  • Then you need to click ‘I Want a Masked Aadhaar?’.
  • Now time to ‘Send OTP‘ or ‘Enter a TOTP’ , then you get one tine password on your phone number.
  • Finally ‘Verify and Download’ option to download the e-Aadhaar card.

How To Change Photo In Aadhar Card

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Aadhar card

Can I change the photo on the Aadhar card?

Yes, of course, you can change the picture of your Aadhaar card. To change the picture you have to go to your nearest Aadhaar card office or visit their official website online and provide them information. By providing the correct information you can download the PDF from the official website of the Aadhaar Card and after filling out the PDF file form it has to be submitted to the office. After verifying and sorting your information will officially inform you then you can change your picture. To change the picture you have to pay a fee of 100 Rs.

How many times I can update my Aadhar card?

Twice you can update your Aadhaar card information If your Aadhaar card information is incorrect you can correct it only twice. You will not be able to change the Aadhaar card information more than twice, for example, if everything is wrong or your address, name and date of birth.

Why is my Aadhar card rejected?

Rejection of your Aadhaar card is due to providing incorrect information or concealing information. If you provide incorrect information in the Aadhaar card office or keep the information secret, your Aadhaar card will be rejected if it does not match the previous theory, so you need to keep in mind that you will get the Aadhaar card through the correct information.

Can a person have 2 Aadhar cards?

No. A person cannot use two Aadhaar cards. If a person has two Aadhaar cards, one of them will be considered as genuine Aadhaar card and the other will be treated as fake.