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How to Take Instagram Photos By Yourself

In this article, we will be covering how to take quality Instagram photos alone by yourself with your phone. These tips will help you to up your Instagram game and grow your account.


Sometimes you feel like you want to shoot but do not have any ideas or struggle with the poses, location, outfits, etc. We recommend using Pinterest to find almost instant inspiration. Adding the word “aesthetics” helps to get really cool ideas. For example, if you are going to New York and want to get cool New York pictures simply search for “New York aesthetics” on Pinterest.

Instagram is the biggest photo-sharing platform in the world and also a great tool for inspiration. Find the accounts you like and enjoy and get some ideas.

When it comes to finding great profiles, you may be interested in, Instagram has got your back. The suggested profiles feature is a quick and easy way to find similar accounts to the one you’re looking at and find other people that can inspire you. Be inspired and create something from your interpretation. Do not copy. Whilst imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, plain-up copying is the quickest way to lose authenticity and to build a negative reputation.

Pick an Outfit and Location

Makes sure your locations and outfit are matching. It will make the picture a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Locations are key for your outfits because you want your outfits to pop. Do not worry if your neighborhood does not have a lot of nice places.

The best locations for trendy Instagram pictures are those that give plain and simple background. Generally, simpler backgrounds will look better than clutter and super bright backgrounds. A great option to make you stand out and really pop is to use blurred backgrounds.  You can achieve this effect by using built-in settings on your phone and portrait mode.

Try shooting at parking garages, schools, warehouses, gas stations, malls. Literally, any blank wall would look cool. Remember, you can make any spot Instagrammable using your creative eye.


Light is critically important when it comes to photography, and this is no less true when it comes to taking pictures of yourself. First, you need to make sure there is enough light available to illuminate your features, so you don’t end up with a blurry, noisy image that won’t impress anyone.

Photos that are taken outside take advantage of one of the best light sources around – the sun. Sunlight tends to be rich and warm, which makes everyone look good. The best time to take pictures is an hour and 30 minutes before sundown – during Golden Hour. It gives a very flattering, soft, natural, and glowy light. Photos taken at this ‘golden hour’ have a magical quality.

Golden hour light gives a great warm tone and makes your skin pop. Moreover, pictures taken at this time usually need very little color editing.

Use a Ring Light for Indoor Pictures

A ring light is a simple, relatively inexpensive way to get started with indoor studio photography. The natural light is minimal indoors, therefore a ring light is a must. A ring light is a circular, ring-shaped light designed to be placed directly in front of a subject. You then position your camera in the center of the ring and take your pictures.

The ring light helps to brighten your face, getting rid of any unwanted shadows. It also brightens up the skin and makes you look like a model. 99% of influencers use the ring light to get those quality professional-looking shots by themselves, at home.

Use iPhone Tripod

When it comes to solo photography, your tripod is your best friend. This is a great tool that will help you to take photos of yourself alone. The best thing about a tripod is – it is affordable. With this tool, you will be able to produce quality photos just like your favorite bloggers. It acts as your extra set of arms so you can be hands-free and have the freedom to do whatever the heck you want in your photos. It also keeps your shot super steady which means a crisper image.

Tripod is light-weighted, compact, and easy to assemble. Another great thing about the tripod is that it extends allowing you to shoot from different angles.  Pictures always come out better when the camera is placed lower and looks up at its subjects. In this case, you are subject because you will be modeling. Most modern tripods come with a Bluetooth remote making it really easy to shoot alone.

Use Back Camera

Avoid the Front Camera on your phone (unless you are taking a selfie). Sometimes you might be wondering why am I looking different on my phone screen compared to the mirror? We feel you. The front camera on your phone is distorting your face because of the lens and perspective distortion. Your iPhone (or Android smartphone) exaggerates the size of your nose and cheekbones — unless you have a 3’ selfie stick.

The closer a camera is to its subject, the greater the effect of perspective, so in selfies taken at close range, a person’s nose might look far larger than his ears. This distorts the face and makes it look different. That’s why fashion photographers often shoot models using long lenses from a great distance away.

When possible try to take a photo of yourself in a mirror. It’s a selfie, without the distortion inherent with normal selfie shots.

Best Camera Angles

Every Instagrammer knows and uses this trick. Here it is. Instead of holding the camera eye-leveled, lower it and simply point it upwards so the subject looks more important. The angle of the shot can dramatically affect how we perceive someone. It can make us look bigger, more courageous, and more important.

Do not be resistant to try different angles. Shooting from a different point will provide fresh perspectives, even when it comes to a familiar place or subject. Try taking pictures from above or below, crouching low to the ground, or scaling a wall (if you’re feeling ambitious). Be aware of your background and try not to crop important subjects. If you are shooting at home use a mirror, it will help to make sure you are looking good and will help to take Instagram photos by yourself.

Use and move your body to create different angles for your poses. Angles and lines make photos pleasant and more appealing to the eyes. Try different angles, styles, interact with props of your environment – mix it up.

Use Burst Mode

Burst photos are a quickly-shot series of photographs, usually of fast-moving action. iPhone running on iOS 7 or later comes with the burst mode on the camera app. Hold down the shutter button or the volume button, and the camera will shoot a burst until you lift your finger. You can see how many photos are in the burst by a number that will appear on the screen.

For Android users, it will depend on the app you use to take pictures. However, you can also add Burst Mode by downloading a third-party camera app that has the feature.

Using a burst mode will give you the ability to change your position a few times so you can get a lot of pictures in 30 seconds. There will always be one great shot you will love.


The most winning pose is to plant your feet straight down. By taking one foot and stepping will give your body a natural curve and give the picture movement and interest. Try to step forward on the balls of your feet so you are somewhat on your tiptoes, it will also make you look taller and leaner.

Use your inspiration pictures if you are struggling with poses. The key is to not stay still but keep on moving and taking pictures. Look away, look back at it, knees up or hands up. Grabbing the perfect shot with movement can be tricky. And, you are likely to end up with a few outtakes. But, simply adding some movement to a shot instantly makes it natural, more interesting, and eye-catching. Be natural and move in a way you usually would in real life.

Be creative

Some pictures on Instagram are so popular that they become cliches. Don’t get caught up in Instagram photo trends that you lose your creativity. You want to stand out from other brands on Instagram, so always challenge yourself to find a fresh angle on a common subject.

In this article, we shared some tips on how to take Instagram photos by yourself. Do not hesitate to share your tricks for getting the best shot below.