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Size of Passport Size Photo in India

Passport size photos are an important issue for everyone. We need passport size photos for various activities in our daily life. Similarly, in India, passport size photos are needed at work and for various official needs. Surely you have come here to find out the “Size of passport size photo in India”…

Size of passport size photo in India

Now we will discuss the size of India’s passport size photo. If you are an Indian then this article is for you because in this article we will try to highlight the size of Indian passport size photo.

2 inch x 2 inch, or (51x 51) mm is the Size of passport size photo in India. If you need a passport size photo, you must remember that it cannot be more than 2 inches x 2 inches or 51 millimeters x 51 millimeters. That’s mean, each passport size photo must be 2 inches 2 inches or 51 millimeters 51 millimeters in India.

If you are a citizen of India then you must take pictures according to the rules and if you take pictures without following the rules then that picture will not be applicable in public or private work in India.

Now we will know the conditions for taking passport size photos…

  • When taking passport size photos, you need to make sure that your face is clearly recognizable.
  • Your two eyes can be clearly seen in the passport size photo.
  • Make sure that the two ears are clearly visible in the passport size photo.
  • No color tampering can be done on this image.
  • You need to keep your eyes open when taking passport size photos. If two eyes are seen closed then it will not be acceptable.
  • The background of the photo should be kept clear. In Passport size photo background you can’t use red, yellow, green, etc.
  • 70 to 80 percent of your face can be seen in the center of the image.
  • Pictures should be taken in such a way that the shadow of your face does not appear in the picture.
  • Can’t use glasses while taking pictures.
  • Women cannot cover their face with a burka or handkerchief while taking passport size photos.
  • Passport size photos cannot cover the face or make it crooked.
  • If one side of the face is seen in the passport size photo, it will not be acceptable.
  • The background color of the photo must be white.

Create passport photos for documents with PC and printer

Did you remember at the last moment the renewal of your driving license or identity card? No problem here is how to make them at home in a few minutes with a computer or smartphone.

Do we need to renew the identity card or passport, or join the gym but we don’t have a passport photo? No problem: there will be no need to go to the photographer or look around the city for an automatic machine. Although it may seem strange. It is possible to take passport photos directly at home, without major difficulties. In fact, thanks to the PC we can create close-up photos in passport format and then print them and use them as you see fit.

The operation is simple but we will need some tools. First of all, it is important to install software on our computer that creates photographs in passport format. We will then need to have a printer compatible with photo paper .

In fact, if we used normal paper, the passport photo in many offices, including municipal ones, would not be accepted. Last, but perhaps most important, we will need to have a photo of ourselves, on a white background, which is in passport format or that can be cropped in this format.

How to take passport photos

To be transformed into an ID photo, the photo must be in the foreground, there must not be a background or landscape behind us and we must not wear glasses, hats, veils or any accessory that prevents our identification. As far as the passport photo format is concerned, the image must have dimensions of 51 x 51 mm. It is also important that the photo is sharp and not blurry. In short, nothing impossible with a latest generation camera or smartphone and a white wall.

Print passport photos with Windows.

Once we have made our photo to be transformed into an ID photo, we just have to upload it to the PC to print it from home. If we have a computer with a Windows operating system we can use the IDPhotoStudio application. This is a program that can be downloaded for free directly from the official website of the application.

Attention on the portal there are several programs in the download area. We download only the one indicated as IDPhotoStudio: the others are promotional programs and alternative versions that would not help us. Once the software is installed. Open it and click on Open Image , select our photo, paying attention to the format chosen to save it.

The application IDPhotoStudio only supports JPG format. Once the image has been uploaded, go to the options and select the wording 51×51 mm from the various sizes available. This is the correct format for an ID photo. At this point we go to the Print Options, select the printer we have in the house and on which we intend to make the passport photos and click on Properties, then on Layout and finally on Advanced.

We then select the chosen format (51x51mm) and press on Print to complete the operation. If we cannot finish printing at the moment, there are no problems. With IDPhotoStudio we will be able to save the generated print preview and print the photo in passport format to print it later. To do this, it is enoughclick on the Save image button instead of Print and choose a folder to export the document to.

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