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Minecraft Legends: How to Upgrade Wooden Walls to Stone (Easy Steps)

In Minecraft Legends, players are tasked with leading the Overworld’s resistance against the Piglin Hordes. To do this, they must build and maintain a strong army and build defenses to protect their settlements.

One of the most important defensive structures in Minecraft Legends is the tower. Towers can be used to provide a high vantage point for archers and other ranged units, and they can also be used to house powerful cannons and other siege weapons.

However, towers are only as strong as the materials they are made of. Wooden towers are relatively easy for the Piglin Hordes to destroy, so it is important to upgrade them to stone as soon as possible.

To upgrade wooden minecraft walls and towers to stone, players will need to build a Masonry structure. The Masonry structure is a relatively inexpensive building to construct, but it requires a significant amount of iron.

To unlock the Masonry structure, players must first complete the “Gather Iron” upgrade at the Wellspring. This upgrade will allow them to collect enough iron to build the Masonry structure.

Once the “Gather Iron” upgrade is complete, players can build the Masonry structure by placing it in their building hotbar and then selecting a location to place it. The Masonry structure has a limited range, so players must place it close enough to the wooden walls and towers they want to upgrade.

Once the Masonry structure is placed, players can upgrade nearby wooden walls and towers to stone by simply approaching them and pressing the interact button. The Masonry structure will automatically upgrade the wooden structures within its range.

Upgrading wooden walls and towers to stone has a number of benefits. Stone structures are much stronger and more durable than wooden structures, making them much harder for the Piglin Hordes to destroy. Stone structures also have a higher hit point threshold, meaning they can withstand more damage before being destroyed.

In addition to the benefits listed above, upgrading wooden structures to stone also has a number of other strategic advantages. For example, stone structures cannot be set on fire, which can be a major advantage when defending against Piglin Pyromencers.

Overall, upgrading wooden minecraft walls and towers to stone is one of the best ways to improve the defenses of your settlements in Minecraft Legends. By doing so, you can make it much harder for the Piglin Hordes to breach your defenses and destroy your settlements.

Here are some additional tips for upgrading wooden structures to stone:

  • Prioritize upgrading your towers first. Towers are the most important defensive structures in Minecraft Legends, so it is important to upgrade them to stone as soon as possible.
  • Place your Masonry structures in strategic locations. Masonry structures have a limited range, so it is important to place them in locations where they can upgrade multiple wooden structures at once.
  • Consider upgrading your Minecraft walls to stone as well. While towers are more important to upgrade first, upgrading your walls to stone can also significantly improve the overall defensibility of your settlement.
  • Keep your Masonry structures well-protected. The Piglin Hordes will prioritize targeting Masonry structures, so it is important to protect them with other defensive structures, such as towers and walls.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your settlements are well-protected against the Piglin Hordes.