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Top 5 Best Camera Backpacks Under 100 in [2023]

Finding a camera backpack that is durable, comfortable, spacious, and easy to carry is challenging.

To get such a type of bag, you need to spend a lot of bucks.

But what should you do when you are on a tight budget? Is it possible to find a backpack that combines the above features.

Fortunately, our editorial team scrutinized the market and found the best camera backpack under 100.

All of the backpacks they included are long-lasting, affordable, and comfortable.

The best part is- you don’t need to break the bank as you will have a backpack within your budget.

Top 5 Best Camera Backpacks Under 100 in [2023]

So, let’s get started right here to see what they included on the list.

1. Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II: Best-Overall 

Finding a camera bag that is spacious, easy to access, comfortable to carry, and durable is a tiresome task. However, our editorial team found the best deal for you after thorough research: Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II.

The Fastpack has come with a lot of outer and interior pockets to store personal items to a 15-inch laptop. You can also take a medium size tripod in the toll stretch-mesh side pocket.

Quick side access is the sweet part of this camera backpack. It means you can get your camera within a second to get the shot.

For providing extra comfort, it comes with padded and removal waist belts.

Besides, this FastPack backpack is made of 600D nylon that makes it durable.

On top of that, it is integrated with a built-in All Weather AW Cover to protect it from rough weather. Also, it keeps valuable gear safe like a camera and laptop.

The only drawback we found is it generates a lot of heat into the back part. As a result, you sweat a lot. It would be best if it comes with cotton.

Three storage zones

Three primary storage zones are the best feature we spot out of this Lowepro backpack. In the camera zone compartment, you can keep a DSLR camera, while the adjustable dividers let you keep up to 3 camera lenses with ultimate protection. Afterward, the open zone allows you to store personal items like phones, cables, keys, and other stuff. On the other hand, the dedicated device compartment offers enough space to keep an 11-15 inches laptop.


  • Offer easy access to get the equipment when you need
  • Comes with ample storage capacity
  • Well-organized
  • Comfortable to carry and use


  • Would be great if it comes with 100% cotton

Final Verdict

It will be the best camera backpack under 100 for its three storage zones to keep every piece of equipment like a camera, lens, and personal items safe and organized. Also, this backpack is durable and comfortable as well.

2. Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and Laptop Backpack: Runners-Up

Case Logic SLRC 206 Backpack is our second pick for its large capacity and breathability. The only lack we found of this bag is it’s less organized compared to our top choice.

This camera bag offers plenty of rooms that fit an SLR camera attached with a lens, a drone, and other accessories. Besides, it fits a 16″ laptop or 17″ Macbook pro in its main computer compartment. Therefore, to keep small items like memory cards, this backpack comes with four accessory pockets.

When it lets you store a lot of stuff, you don’t feel tired carrying them for the air mess on the back panel. It offers enough airflow to keep your back cool and provide ultimate comfort.

Hammock System

The Hammock System is the best feature of this backpack that leads us to rank it number 2. Due to this feature, you can hang up your camera above the bottom of the case to provide ultimate protection. On top of that, memory foam on the interior of the backpack lid shields the LCD screen.


  • Offer superior protection
  • Durable
  • Ample storage to keep Drone, SLR, and MacBook pro
  • Breathable


  • Would be best if it comes with more comfortable straps

Final Verdict

It will be your ideal pick for its hammock system to protect your SLRC camera. Besides, air mesh on the back panel provides enough air to carry it with ultimate comfort.

3. BPAULL Travel Camera Backpack: Best-Customizable

At number 3, we bring BPAULL Travel Camera Backpack for its durability, sufficient space, and comfortability.

The waterproof backpack cover is made of highly dense nylon material that gives prolonged life to this pack. As a result, you can keep your valuable camera gear safe from water, dust, snow, and other rough conditions.

This stylish camera backpack also has sufficient storage capacity to keep the camera, lenses, and other small stuff. Even it has a back pocket to store your 15.6″ laptop.

The sweet feature of this pack is its side pocket for easy access to the camera compartment. In return, you take only a few seconds to get the camera for a quick shot.

For comfort carrying, the backpack comes with extra-padded shoulder straps. Besides, the air-ventilated back panel makes this backpack comfortable to carry.

Customizable Interior

Adjustable padded dividers in the camera bag lets you customize the internal structure. In return, you can accommodate this backpack according to your need to store essential equipment. Even you can convert this bag from photography to a travel pack comfortably.


  • Provide enough air to keep you cool while carrying the load
  • Ensure to keep the delicate equipment safe
  • Waterproof cover
  • Comfortable to use


  • The larger size of this backpack makes it bit difficult to carry for travelling

Final Verdict

It will be your best bait if you are looking for a large yet durable backpack. If you are a photographer and often travels, then this will be not for you as it is a bit larger.

4. Manfrotto MB MS-BP-IGR Medium Backpack: Best-Stylish 

If you are looking for a stylish camera backpack, then this Manfrotto bag will be your best bait.

The camera backpack has been designed according to the latest trend and fashion. And its Street Collection represents that Manfrotto enters the fashion world.

Apart from the great appearance, this backpack is also roomy enough. It has a dedicated laptop compartment that lets you keep your 15″ laptop with ease. Besides, plenty of zippered pockets let you organize personal accessories like smartphones, pens, wallets, and keys.

Therefore, its adjustable shoulder straps and padded back panel distribute the weight finely and give comfort to carry the load.

The only issue we come across with this backpack is it’s inconvenient side pocket. It makes it a bit challenging to take a tripod.

Removable protective camera insert

The noteworthy feature we spot out of this stylish camera bag is its removal protective camera insert. It creates enough space to store a camera with attached lens, two extra lenses, and photographic equipment.

Besides, you can change the dividers of this backpack or add an extra layer of padding to protect your camera and lenses.


  • Stylish
  • Enough room to keep camera, drones, lenses, and other stuff
  • Easy to customize
  • Comfortable to carry


  • A bit challenging to carry the tripod

Final Verdict

It will be your ideal pick if you are looking for a stylish yet spacious camera bag to carry all essential belongings like camera, lenses, and other stuff.

5. AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Camera  : Best Budget 

If you are on a tight budget, then AmazonBasics BackPack is what you are looking for.

Though the price of this backpack is low, it has enough space to store essential equipment.

On the outside, this backpack has two side pockets and two large zippered pockets to keep items like phones, keys, pens, notebooks, and even a light jacket.

On top of that, inside the main compartment of this backpack has two plastic zippered pockets. You can store batteries, USB drives, and memory cards there.

The best part is- its main compartment is lined with fabric-covered foam that offers ultimate protection for your delicate equipment. 

Main Compartment with Adjustable Cells 

The sweet feature of this backpack is its main compartment with adjustable cells. As a result, it organizes and protects your photography equipment, including camera, lens, and dron effectively. On top of that, the velcro dividers and straps prevent stuff from falling from the compartments.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Spacious
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to carry


  • Would be best if it comes with a bit longer shoulder straps

Final Verdict

It will be the best budget camera backpack on this list. This backpack has plenty of pockets and storage capacity to take a camera, additional lenses, and other equipment.

Buying Guide for the Best Camera Backpack Under 100

A camera backpack isn’t only a bag but also equipment that protects your valuable gear. So, before investing a hundred bucks, consider whether the bag is worth the price or not. The following considerations will help you to pick the right camera bags for carrying your gear with ultimate protection.


Capacity is the first feature you should take into account. Always consider the backpack that comes with a lot of compartments, side pockets, and internal pockets.

This type of pack lets you store your essential photography gear, including a camera, lenses, battery, tripod, and other stuff.

Fortunately, all the camera bags we enlisted are large enough to hold all your necessary belongings. Even you can store a drone and your Macbook Pro in those backpacks.


Organizibility of a backpack is another feature you should reckon. Pick a bag for the camera that comes with different pockets for storing various equipment separately.

In simple words, you need to choose a camera bag that has a camera compartment, laptop compartment, and other pockets for storing small items.

The best part of an organizable bag is- it keeps your delicate gear safe, keeping them separate.

In terms of this, LowePro Fastpack backpack can be your best bait as it comes with three zones for storing camera, lenses, laptop, and personal accessories separately.

Protective Features

The safety of your camera equipment mostly depends on the protective features of a bag. Make sure the bag you are going to pick comes with padded internal dividers.

It ensures you keep your delicate accessories like cameras and lenses secure.

Besides, check whether the back comes with a waterproof cover or not. A water-repellent cover protects your camera bag and gear safe from rough weather.


How long your backpack will last mostly depends on its construction material.  A camera bag that is made of 600D nylon or alike lasts for a long time.

In this case, choosing the LowePro backpack on this list will be best for its durability.


Pick a backpack that is comfortable to carry. A bag that comes with adjustable shoulders lets you distribute the weight effectively. Also, you should consider whether the shoulder is well-padded or not.

Nonetheless, it is recommendable to take into account whether the backpack is well-ventilated or not. Choose a camera bag that provides enough airflow to keep your back cool. In return, you can easily carry the load without sweating a lot.

Is a camera bag necessary?

Whether you are planning to go to a forest to capture nature or travel outside, you just need a dedicated camera backpack.

It keeps your valuable gear safe, offers you comfort to carry the load, and easy access to get the camera at your fingertips.

If you are a beginner, you don’t need to have a dedicated camera bag. As buying camera equipment, most of your bucks are gone. So, investing in a bag will add extra cost.

However, the backpacks we listed are affordable, and you don’t need to break the bank.

For those who are on a tight budget, we recommend them to buy the AmazonBasics backpack for camera and laptop.


How do I protect my camera in my bag? 

Pick a backpack that comes with a divider. It keeps your camera separate from other gears and protects it from potential damage. Besides, fill the camera compartment with extra padding to ensure its safety.

What makes a good camera bag? 

A camera bag is considered as the best when it offers ultimate comfort, large capacity, superior protection, easy to carry, and organisable. Considering these features, LowePro Fastpack will be your best bait.

What is the best camera backpack? 

Here is the list of best camera bags:

  • Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II
  • Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and Laptop Backpack
  • BPAULL Travel Camera Backpack
  • Manfrotto MB MS-BP-IGR Medium Backpack
  • AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Camera

Final Words:

So, which is the best camera backpack under 100 on this list?

All of the camera bags we listed above are spacious, comfortable, and budget-friendly.

Among them, we recommend Lowepro Fastpack Backpack most for its superior organizability, durability, and comfortability.

It comes with three zones, including the camera zone, the device zone, and the open zone. As a result, you can store all accessories safely from one to the other.

Besides, it is made of 600D nylon that makes it durable and water-resistant.

Therefore, it comes with adjustable and well-padded shoulders to carry the load with top comfort.

However, you can also choose other backpacks based on your personal preferences.