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Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy

We often see “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy”. Now we will show you how to take a screenshot when the privacy policy shows an error. Many people see this problem while taking screenshots which is why they want to know why this problem occurs and how to take screenshots if this is the problem.

Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy

Let’s take a look at why this problem occurs and how you can easily take screenshots if this problem occurs. We see this problem because different companies or different apps have some personal policies. They apply this policy to everyone, which makes it difficult to take screenshots.

In this guide we will see how to take a screenshot of the phone when using those android apps that make it impossible to take a screenshot due to the security criteria. The  screenshots are a very important part of our digital lives, whether to show your skills in video games, to get help with a problem or to capture something to be preserved in the future.

How to do

There is a combination of buttons that works on most Android devices   and on different OS versions:  power button + volume down.

However, sometimes it’s not that easy to do, especially when an application has blocked them by default. The reasons for this block may be different.

Chrome browser

The Android operating system does not allow screenshots while using the incognito mode in the Chrome browser. At the moment it is not possible to disable this “function. You can install Firefox and take a screenshot in its incognito mode.

If your Android device was issued to you by a school or company, they may have policies in place that prevent screenshots. The lock can be applied even if a company account has been added to the phone. It’s also common in banking apps, secret chats, or streaming apps like Netflix.

It can be very frustrating if you have to take a screenshot for some important reason, but luckily there is an easy way to  bypass the protection and without the need for root , at least in some terminals. Unfortunately, the trick doesn’t work on all Android phones.

How to take a screenshot on an android phone without apps or application

While Android prevents screen capture features from working, the Google app has permission  to do so.

So, next time you want to take a screenshot of an app that has blocked them, don’t try to take a screenshot normally, but hold the Home button to open the Google Assistant and ask “ What’s on my screen? “.

The Google Assistant also doesn’t have permission to see what’s on the screen, so it will tell you that  nothing was found on the screen .

However, if you tap  Share Screen , you will see that the screenshot has been taken and you can send it directly to other applications, such as the image.

How to active screen search on Android

If the “What’s on my screen?” is not activated, follow the steps listed below to activate it

  • Touch and hold the Home button  on your phone or activate it with the phrase “Ok Google”.
  • Tap the compass symbol on the bottom right.
  • At the top right, tap  your profile picture or initial  then  Settings and then  Assistant .
  • Choose your phone or tablet in the “Assistant devices” section.
  • Toggle the Use screen context option on or off.

Note : When this option is enabled, the Assistant will send information about the items on the screen to Google.

The fastest way to take screenshots in applications that don’t allow you.

“Unable to take a screenshot” here’s what to do if you can’t take a screenshot on Android. In order to protect the visible content on some applications, such as in banking apps, developers prevent the user from being able to take a screenshot of the screen.

Some applications for Android, for security reasons, integrate a block for the screenshot of the screen and when you try to make one you receive the pop-up message that says “Unable to capture the screenshot” or a similar message that always indicates the same thing, that is the impossibility of being able to take a screenshot from the application.

Try a screenshot with the appropriate button

You can try a screenshot with the appropriate button, with the gestures, but nothing changes, you will always receive the usual pop-up message that warns you. That it is impossible to take the screenshot. Don’t worry though, even if the app you are using prevents you from taking a screenshot.

There are ingenious ways that you can still take a screenshot and bypass the restriction. In this guide you will find different solutions of which one will need the Root permissions active on the device, while the other can be applied without the Root being active on the device. So let’s see what to do if it is not possible to take the screenshot on Android.

Until recently, it was possible to capture the screenshot on Android apps such as Snapchat using Google Assistant or through the use of applications that record the screen . But now these solutions that were valid before, now they have been patched and it is no longer possible to use these methods to circumvent the restriction of the screenshot on protected apps. In fact, if you now try to take a screenshot on apps like Snapchat, you will get an error that says “ The screenshot is not allowed by the app”.

In order to take a screenshot on Android apps that have restrictions, you need to make use of a computer with ADB and Fastboot installed and special software that mirrors the screen.

There are many programs that allow you to mirror the screen, but for this guide we will use scrcpy which has the particularity of being fast and not costing anything. Root permissions are not required to use this method, but from tests carried out it does not work on Netflix, Prime Video and other multimedia streaming apps. However, it works quite well with apps like Snapchat, Signal, Authy, and more. So let’s see how to proceed:

  • At this point you need to download scrcpy on your computer. Click on the ZIP file according to your computer architecture (win32 or win64), then, you need to unzip the zipped file on your PC into a folder which you will name as you like.
  • Now, you need to open the extracted scrcpy folder and double click on scrcpy.exe to proceed with installing the program on your computer.
  • Your Android device’s screen will be mirrored to your computer immediately.
  • Now from your smartphone, open one of the protected apps, from which at the moment it was impossible for you to take the screenshot.
  • Then press Ctrl + Shift + S  to be able to take the screenshot of the application on your computer.


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