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How To Overlay A Picture On A Video In Movie Maker

We need to put an image over the video to make it more alive. Or sometimes, we want our own picture on video content so viewers can understand who is the owner of that. For that, we can use any video editing software. And for those who are a beginner at video editing, it may become a tough job, even something like image overlay. So for Windows users, there is an easy software windows movie maker that can solve your problems. So here is a simple guide for you about how to overlay a picture on a video in movie maker.

Movie Maker

Microsoft released movie Maker software in 2009 as a video editing software for Windows. The program was a part of Windows essential. Their goal was to make video editing easy for users so that users can directly upload their videos on YouTube, Facebook, or somewhere else from the software menu. And the software could run on Windows OS 7,8, and 8.1.

Microsoft discontinued the updates of the software in 2017. Still, the application is so user-friendly that people still use this software as a primary video editing tool. An interesting factor of the software is that it doesn’t require any high-end pc to operate smoothly.

How To Overlay A Picture On A Video In Movie Maker

Overlaying an image on Movie Maker was not possible when it first launched. IT was very basic software with simple transition and merging capabilities. As overlay requires multiple layers to get started, the tool was missing this feature. And most users still think you can’t overlay a picture on Movie Maker. So follow these steps to overlay any image on any video easily.

  1. Start Movie Maker application on your Windows PC.
  2. On the menu, click on import and “Import Video.” Locate the video you wish to edit with the software, and then double click on it. The software will add the file to your movie collection in your project.
  3. Again on the Import menu, click on “Import Image” to add your desired image you want to overlay. Browse through the folders to find your photo, menu, then double click on that file to import it into the project.
  4. Now click on the video and drag it on the bottom frame of the timeline. The file will appear as the video sections.
  5. Now you have to overlay the video with the image. Left-click on the image and drag it on the timeline over the video. The image will also appear in the video section as well.
  6. Now you can resize the image over the video; also, you can adjust the duration on the timeline. You can export the video directly or preview it to check if you got your result. The image will appear at the starting point and fade in the ending point of the frame.

Overlay a Video over another Video

You can use a video to overlay on another video as well. You can use it to make this tutorial or funny video to explain the content better.

  1. Launch the Movie Maker software from the windows start button.
  2. Now import the videos you want to work with simultaneously.
  3. Click on import and Import as video and add a video to the project collection.
  4. Add another video using the same method.
  5. Choose the video you want to use in the background and click and drag it to the timeline frame.
  6. Ensure the video is placed on the bottom layer because you want your next video over the background.
  7. Click and drag the overlay video from the movie collection to the timeline frame. Place it over the background frame.
  8. Resize and place the video on your favorite spot and export the video.

Best use of overlay a picture in a Video

You can use the overlay picture on a video for many purposes. But not all of them will make your video unique or professional. The use of the right transition in the right place makes the perfect video.

Overlay Between 2 Scenes

If you use your image on a mobile scene, then it won’t look very good. Because your overlay image can cover the essential parts of your background video. So using the image on a blank scene between two clips is the best way to go.

However, you can utilize the image overlay on a playing video by covering disturbing elements. Most of the time, you can use this to make meme videos or funny videos. Also, when you are making a dub mash video, this image overlay is an excellent way to go.

Overlay on Transition

When you are making videos with pictures and video merging, then overlay transition can come in handy. You can change between scenes with image overlay, completely hiding the last scene with the new image and covering pictures of the current with the next one. Making a smooth transition will make the video quite eye-pleasing.

Overlay on the Corner

This actually works for copyright marking. You can use your own image or logo as a watermark. On youtube, there are millions of content. And there is a high chance of content theft and uploading content without any credits. You can use your image or logo of your brand to overlay the content so no one can claim your video as theirs. Especially you will be able to find this overlay on tutorial videos.

Use of Movie Maker Editor

Movie Maker is a pretty basic video editor for beginners. There are not very fancy features in it. You can create some great videos with it, yet you will need high skills and mastery of the tool. There are a lot of other alternatives to this tool, but it’s a free tool for folks who want to edit their video for free with less effort. Unless you are trying to edit your video at a level that can compete with Hollywood, then it is an excellent tool to go.


When you start video editing as a beginner, you face a lot of struggles. And going directly for premium software is not an option for everyone. So you can use this tool. Now, as you know how to overlay a picture on a video in movie maker, we hope you can do some great videos with this. Keep using the tool until you master it.