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How Do I Adjust the Screen Size on My Sanyo Tv Without Remote

Here you can find detailed instructions on “How Do I Adjust the Screen Size on My Sanyo Tv Without Remote”. We know it’s annoying when you want to adjust the picture settings but can’t because the remote is broken or out of reach. If you own a Sanyo TV but don’t have a remote, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with these easy-to-follow instructions.

How Do I Adjust the Screen Size on My Sanyo Tv Without Remote

Step 1: Navigate with the Remote

The buttons on your Sanyo TV allow you to change the screen’s aspect ratio in case you lose your remote. Here’s how to achieve your goal:

  • Use the TV’s own power button to turn on your Sanyo set.
  • Find the TV’s menu option on the remote. An icon resembling a menu or three horizontal lines indicates its location, which is typically near the control buttons.
  • The TV’s settings can be accessed using the menu button.
  • To move about the TV menu, use the arrow keys. Try adjusting your screen resolution or pictures.
  • After locating the picture options, choose them by pushing the OK or enter button on your TV remote.
  • Screen resolution and aspect ratio can usually be adjusted in the display settings. Make this your selection.
  • You can change the size of the screen to suit your needs with the arrow keys. To find the solution that works best for you, you may need to test a few alternative approaches.
  • When you’ve finished making changes, select OK or enter to save your work.
  • Finally, to leave the menu, hit the menu button once more or the TV’s other corresponding exit button.

Step 2: Programming a Universal Remote

  • If you’re unable to find the remote for your Sanyo TV, a universal remote may work as a substitute. The solution is simple: get a universal remote that works with Sanyo TVs. Verify the remote’s compatibility with your TV model.
  • Put batteries in the universal remote and program it to control your Sanyo TV as directed by the manufacturer.
  • When you’re done with the setup, you may use the universal remote to access the TV’s settings, including changing the resolution.

Step 3: Mobile Apps

These days, smartphones may be used to operate a wide variety of electronics, including televisions. The screen size of your Sanyo TV can be changed using an app on your smartphone. This is how:

  • Get an app that acts as a TV remote from your phone’s app store. AnyMote, SURE Universal Remote, and Peel Smart Remote are three of the most well-known alternatives.
  • Choose a remote control app, download it to your phone, and open it.
  • To connect your smartphone to your Sanyo TV, just follow the on-screen prompts. In most cases, this will require using Bluetooth or connecting to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Once associated, the TV’s menu and settings can be accessed via the smartphone’s display.
  • Find the option to customize the app’s display settings or screen size within the app’s user interface.
  • Once you’ve changed the screen size and confirmed the change within the app, your Sanyo TV should automatically update to the new setting.


We trust this article has helped you learn how to change the Sanyo TV’s screen size without using the remote. The display settings of your TV can still be adjusted to your liking using the TV’s on-screen menus, a universal remote, or even apps on your smartphone. Don’t forget to look into all of your choices to choose which approach is ideal for you. The Sanyo TV you bought is the ideal size for your viewing pleasure.