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How to Add Instagram Reel Ken Burns Effect in 2023?

Learn “How to Add Instagram Reel Ken Burns Effect in 2023?” with the help of this detailed tutorial. Instagram Reels are a common method for making and sharing dynamic video material, and the Ken Burns effect is a fun way to spice things up. We know you want to outperform other websites and get the best information available, so let’s get started!

The Ken Burns Effect

Ken Burns, a renowned documentary filmmaker, inspired a visual approach that bears his name: the Ken Burns effect. Moving the camera around in a video or photo gives the impression of movement and brings the subject matter to life. You may add more visual appeal and interest to your Instagram Reels by using this effect carefully.

How to Add Instagram Reel Ken Burns Effect in 2023?

First, launch Instagram and begin making a highlight reel.

Launch the Instagram app on your phone and head to the Reels tab to get started. To make a new Reel, just use the “+” button.

Bringing in the Contents

The next step is to bring in the media that will be given the Ken Burns treatment. You have the option of selecting an already-existing file from your device’s gallery or taking a brand-new one within the program itself.

Use the Available Editors

After making your media selection, you’ll be brought to the editing panel. In this section, you’ll find a wide range of editing resources for your Reel. To apply an effect, find the icon labeled “Effects” and click it.

Peruse the Visual Effects Gallery

You may discover many different kinds of filters and effects to use on your Reel under the gallery labeled “Effects.” Simply searching for “Ken Burns” and selecting one of the results will give your video the Ken Burns treatment.

Use the Ken Burns Effect

Choose the Ken Burns effect that best suits your needs. Each effect has a preview button you may tap to see a preview. Click the “Apply” or “Save” button once you’ve settled on an effect to apply it to your material.

Modifying the Final Outcome

After the Ken Burns effect has been applied, it can be adjusted to your liking. Instagram’s handy editing features let you fine-tune the effect’s duration, zoom level, and panning speed. Take your time and play around with different options to see what works best with your material.

Boost It Even More

Instagram has a number of innovative tools, including the Ken Burns effect, that can help your Reels stand out from the crowd. Stickers, text overlays, music, and other effects can be added to your content to make it more visually appealing.

How to Create a Ken Burns-Style Instagram Highlight Reel

  • Storytelling: Use the Ken Burns effect to convey an engaging story with visuals. Emphasize feeling and connecting with the audience emotionally.
  • Effortless Transitions: Think about how you’ll go from one scene to the next in your Reel. The Ken Burns effect can look more natural and improve the watching experience as a whole with smooth and seamless transitions.
  • Background music should fit the tone and topic of the video, so keep that in mind when making your selection. The correct score can amp up the Reel’s impact and make the Ken Burns effect even more noticeable.
  • Rhythm and Tempo: Play around with the Ken Burns effect’s tempo and tempo. Align the action with the rhythm of the music or the progression of your story for maximum visual impact.


Congratulations! In 2023, you can now add the compelling Ken Burns effect to your Instagram Reels using the information and tools at your disposal. Create visually appealing and engaging content that stands out from the crowd by following the step-by-step tutorial and utilizing the tips we’ve provided. Don’t be afraid to try out new things and allow your imagination run wild so that your Reels stand out from the crowd.