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How to Change Whatsapp Profile Picture of Friends

Today, the topic of our discussion is WhatsApp. Now we will talk about WhatsApp tips and tricks. It is a popular chatting app with around 2 billion users. And you want to know “how to change WhatsApp profile picture of friends”. In this article, we will show you how to change your friend’s picture on WhatsApp.

So let’s start, we will first see “how to change whatsapp profile picture of friends?”

How to Change Whatsapp Profile Picture of Friends

Before changing the profile picture of any friend on WhatsApp, it is good to keep in mind to save a copy of the original image, so that you can possibly restore it..

  • Download and install a file management app on your smartphone. For example ES File Explorer, but the process is pretty much the same with every other.
  • Open the app and enter the folder: / device / sd card / WhatsApp / Profile Pictures
  • Here you will see the profile pictures that the application has saved. If you don’t see the photo of the friend you were looking for, go back to WhatsApp and open it. All you have to do is tap on his name at the top of a conversation and then on his profile picture icon. Once the image is loaded full screen, it will automatically be saved in the Profile Pictures folder.
  • Go back to the Profile Pictures folder, find your friend’s picture and long press and choose to copy it. You can paste it and save it wherever you want, but remember that you are also copying the file name (a friend’s phone number), and you definitely don’t want it to end up in the wrong hands.
  • Now, choose a photo to replace with your friend’s profile picture and resize it to a size of 640 x 640 pixels, the standard format for WhatsApp profile photos.
  • Now, move the new profile picture into the Picture Profile folder and rename it with your friend’s phone number. To rename the image, just long-press the image and select “Rename” from the menu.
  • From now on, by opening WhatsApp and tapping the friend’s name and then the profile photo, the full-screen image will be the one you saved.

How to change the picture of the profile of your contacts in WhatsApp?

Also, now if you want to change the photo of your contact in WhatsApp, you can do it. We tell you the step by step you must follow to do it.

While sometimes the pictures in profile with our contacts do not we like about the whole, perhaps because they consider it the most favorable, it is outdated or simply because they do not have a picture of the profile, you can change it to one that you like; And the best thing is that your contact will not know that you made a change in his photo since the modification will only be made on your phone.

If you have a phone with an iOS operating system, you must follow the following steps to change the photo of one or more of your contacts:

  • Access your contact book and select who you want to change the photo to.
  • Select “Edit” and then “Add photo ”.
  • Choose the photo you like and adjust it.
  • Click on “Done”. The change will be reflected in Whats.

If you have a phone with an Android system you must do the following:

  • Enter the WhatsApp app and select the contact.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and choose the “Edit” option.
  • It will send you to the contact settings where their personal data and number are.
  • You must select a photo to add to your profile and click on “Done”.
  • The change will be reflected a few minutes later in the app.

How To Use Whatsapp On Two Devices At The Same Time

Whatsapp is an instant messaging application that everyone uses. However, you may have missed some features that allow you to use the same account on two different devices, let’s see together how.

Probably many of you will be amazed by this possibility but you can actually use Whatsapp on two different devices and the most convenient way is through Whatsapp Web. To better understand how to do it, please read our article carefully.

For those who, in an absolutely anachronistic way, had never heard of it, Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging service throughout Italy and has in fact replaced SMS in communication via mobile phones.

The convenience of opening the application and sending messages to all your contacts without having to spend money for each communication is naturally priceless, however, we must remember that sending can only take place if the smartphone is connected to an internet network, either via Wi-Fi or via your telephone operator’s data network.

Use the same Whatsapp on two devices

As we pointed out at the beginning, it is possible to use the same account connected to Whatsapp on two numbers, however, there are still limitations to what is possible.

For example, if you want to use Whatsapp on two phones, the procedure may be different from what you think; in fact, it is not enough to download the application on both of them and log in with your account as the system recognizes only one application at a time, therefore when you connect the number to one of the two, it will immediately disconnect from the other.

So how can this problem be circumvented? A solution is given to us by the same service, with Whatsapp Web.

How to enter my Whatsapp from another iOS phone?

If the second smartphone you use is an Apple product, therefore equipped with an iOS operating system, the procedure that involves the use of Whatsapp Web can be performed via the integrated Safari browser. Before accessing the, you need to enter desktop mode, to do so, just swipe to the left from the Safari home until you see the item Request desktop site, touch it and enter the address in the appropriate bar.

You will find yourself in front of the QR code again, which must be read by the original smartphone on which the application is installed. Then from the home of Whatsapp touch the three vertical dots located at the top right and in the menu locate Whatsapp Web. Point the QR code with the camera and that’s it. You can also use Whatsapp on your iPhone without too many problems.


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