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How to Check if Caught by Speed Camera NSW

Receiving a part by mail, proving through a photo that our car was involved in a traffic violation is a surprise that nobody wants. These types of fines are issued using the information provided by hundreds of cameras in different areas of New South Wales.

The cameras located in strategic areas of several communes, allow to capture a series of infractions and, through automated systems, send the information to the corresponding Local Police Court, which will process the fine. Now you want to know “how to check if caught by speed camera NSW?”

How to Check if Caught by Speed Camera NSW

Speed Camera NSW Stand You have to wait to find out if you have been caught. They will send a letter to your home address within 14 days. After receiving this notice you will have to go to their office and pay the fine. They will send pictures to your home to identify if you are guilty. NSW will send you a notice within two to four weeks stating how much you have been fined.

Where are the cameras that detect violations?

On an average day, traffic surveillance cameras in Santiago can detect thousands of infractions, which are processed and sent to the registered address of the vehicle owner, which is individualized through its license plate.

Although the ideal is to respect traffic laws. It is worth knowing where the “accusation cameras” are located in the different communes of the Metropolitan Region. To do this, you can view the map prepared by the inspection section of the Ministry of Transport.

To enlarge the map from your computer, click on the plus sign in the lower right corner of the screen. In the case of mobile phones, you can enlarge it by putting two fingers on the screen and moving them outwards, just as you would with a photo.

Most of these cameras are on streets with exclusive bus lanes and mobile applications such as Waze also incorporate their presence on their maps. Helping to be alert and focused so as not to commit infractions that can cost you about $172 thousand pesos.

What infractions do the cameras capture?

The control chambers of the Ministry of Transport are used to detect 3 types of infractions of traffic laws. These are:

  • Misuse of bus-only tracks.
  • Prohibition of cargo transportation transit.
  • Circulation of cars with vehicular restriction.

Contrary to what is believed, these cameras or any other type of automated system cannot be used to capture. And issue speeding tickets, since such violations must be inspected in person, either by Carabineros or authorized inspectors.

How much does a part processed by inspection chambers cost and how can I pay for it?

Infractions detected by the inspection chambers, regardless of their type, are considered serious according to the classification stipulated by the Traffic Law. So the amount to be paid is between 1 and 1.5 UTM ($ 49,700 and $ 74,550 pesos).

Unlike other parties, in the registered persons the car is punished, not the driver, so these offenses do not remain on their resume. In any case, not paying the fines prevents being able to remove the Vehicle Permit from the vehicle.

The registered parties processed

The registered parties processed through cameras are paid in the Local Police Court corresponding to the place of the offense. Although the vast majority of communes allow it to be done through the Internet.

If you pay the part before the citation date that you received by mail, you will get a discount of 25% .

If you received the part in a commune far from your home. And it does not have online payment or you do not have a way to cancel it online. You can request the exhortation of this. That the part be transferred to your place of residence.

To request a warrant, you must go to the Local Police Court corresponding to your address. And with the citation or evidence of the offense. Formally request that the procedure be transferred from the place where it occurred to your place of residence.

As with any other party, the recipient can appeal. If they believe it is wrong or the photographic evidence does not correctly identify the vehicle.

How do I know if I have received an infraction from cameras?

The registered parties arrive at the vehicle owner’s address through a letter. But it may happen that the person has moved or simply does not receive the correspondence.

To find out if you have received one of these parts. You can consult the page that the MTT Control unit set up for it, entering the patent for your vehicle. This function is also very useful if you are about to buy a used vehicle. And want to check that it does not have any unpaid infractions.

It is common for a person to find out through these infringements that their patent was cloned. Therefore, you have to be attentive and check the official site of the MTT.

How to switch to an exclusive way to turn without risking part?

If you are driving on a street with an exclusive path for public transport. And you need to turn right. It is allowed to go to that track as long as the following rules are respected:

  • Change to the right track in an area where the yellow dividing line is segmented and not continuous.
  • Make the turn from the exclusive road to the other street passing in front of only one camera. If the car is caught by two, the corresponding fine will be issued.

Play by the rules and don’t risk a nasty and expensive part. We also recommend checking the registry once or twice a year and when you are about to buy a used vehicle.


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