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How to Embed Instagram Reel in Discord in 2023

Here you can find detailed instructions for adding Instagram Reels to the chat app Discord. In this article, we’ll show you “How to Embed Instagram Reel in Discord in 2023”. With the help of our in-depth guide, you’ll be able to provide your Discord community with interesting and entertaining content. What are we waiting for?

How to Embed Instagram Reel in Discord in 2023

Make a copy of the link to the Instagram reel.

To start, launch Instagram on your mobile device, then go to the Reel you wish to share on Discord. After locating the Reel, click the ellipsis button (three dots) in the post’s lower right corner. Once the drop-down menu appears, choose “Copy Link.” By doing so, the link will be copied to your device’s clipboard for later use.

Second, after Discord is open, choose or make a channel.

Get the Discord app on your computer or mobile device and log in. The next step is to choose an existing server and channel, or to set up a brand new one, for uploading and sharing Instagram Reels. If you want to keep your Reels content structured, you should make a specific channel for them.

Third, compose a new message and include the Instagram slideshow.

Simply click the text box within the selected Discord channel to start typing a new message. Copy the link below and paste it into the message box to embed the Instagram Reel. A preview of your Instagram Reel will be generated in Discord as soon as the connection is detected.

Four: Modify Your Instagram Highlight Reel’s Presentation

The Instagram Reel can be shown in Discord in a number of different ways. The preview image and play button will automatically appear in the embedded Reel. However, by tweaking the display settings, the visuals can be improved much further.

  • Miniature Viewing

The Instagram Reel can be shrunk down to just a thumbnail if that’s all you’re interested in seeing. You can do this by right-clicking the Reel preview embed and choosing “Hide Media.” A preview of the Reel along with a play button has been included.

  • Full Screen Mode

The Instagram Reel can be seen in its full within Discord for a more engaging experience. This can be accomplished by keeping the embedded Reel in its current state, with the preview image and play button visible.

Proceed to Step 5 and see the Embedded Instagram Reel!

Congratulations! Congratulations! An Instagram Reel has been successfully added to your Discord server. The Reel may now be seen within Discord, increasing interaction and streamlining the user experience. Put your feet up, kick back, and take in the fascinating information you’ve provided!


We’ve included step-by-step instructions for adding Instagram Reels to Discord in this article. If you follow our detailed instructions, it won’t take you any time at all to start distributing fun and interesting stuff to your Discord members. You can select to show a preview image or the entire Reel. You may improve the quality of life in your online community by adding Instagram Reels to your Discord server right now.