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How to Find Out Where a Picture Was Taken on Facebook

How to Find Out Where a Picture Was Taken on Facebook? Do you need to find a location from a picture on Facebook? If so, you’re in luck! There are many ways to do this. One way is by using Google Maps and selecting the “My Location” button on the top of the screen on Facebook.

How to Find Out Where a Picture Was Taken on Facebook

Then, type in what city or state you think the photo was taken at and drag your finger across until it lands on an approximate area.

The map will then zoom into that region which should contain landmarks that can help you determine where exactly it’s located.

1. The first thing you need to do is find the location in Google Maps by clicking on the “Search Nearby” button and typing in a keyword related to your photo, such as “parking lot.”

2. Next, click on the blue marker that appears on the map and then zoom out until you can see where this parking lot is located.

3. Once you have found it, type in its address into Google Street View so that you can see what it looks like from street level.

4. Finally, use this information to figure out which direction your photo was taken from!

5) If all else fails – try using an online tool called TinEye Reverse Image Search! It’s free and easy-to-use!

6) You can also upload a picture of your own house or building onto their website and they will tell you how far away it is from any other buildings with similar images uploaded before (up to 10 miles).

Can you track a photo on Facebook?

Can you track a photo? The answer is no; there is not an app for that.

It’s one thing to lose a photo, but it’s another when you can’t track down who has it. This is the dilemma many social media users are coming across as their photos are being used without permission by others.
What if I told you that you could find out where your photo was posted and even get paid for it?
This is just what Tineye does – an image search engine with over 100 billion images indexed in its database.


The post is about a new way to track photos that’s been developed by the University of York. It uses machine learning and AI techniques, such as deep convolutional neural networks with pixel-wise semantic segmentation.

Summary: Photos are now being tracked through their metadata using an algorithm created at the University of York in England which has already seen success on some international images. This technology could be used for tracking criminal activity or locating missing people when there’s no other information available about where they may have gone.

In theory, this means that soon you could know exactly what your friend was doing 10 years ago without them having to tell you!