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How To Make A Printable Grid In Photoshop in 2023

Ready to master the art of grids and guides in Photoshop? Perfect, because I’ve got the scoop for you. Let’s embark on a journey that will make you feel like a magician conjuring gridlines and guides out of thin air

How to Use Photoshop Grids and Guides (Step by Step)?

Alright, Picasso, before you get too paintbrush-happy, let’s lay down the groundwork. Why, you ask? Because even the most abstract of artists need a bit of order in their chaos. Grids and guides in Photoshop are like those chalk lines on a football field. They’re there to guide you, but they won’t limit your creative touchdowns!

How Do You Make a Photoshop Grid?

Step 1. Add a Grid

  • Open the magical land of Photoshop.
  • Head over to the “View” menu.
  • Choose “Show” and then “Grid”. And voilà! Your canvas now looks like it borrowed a shirt from a math notebook.

Step 2. Edit the Photoshop Grid Preferences

  • Customizing is the name of the game here.
  • Navigate to “Edit” > “Preferences” > “Guides, Grid & Slices”.
  • Here, you can select the color, style, and divisions of your grid. Want neon pink dotted lines at every 10 pixels? You got it!

Step 3. Snapping

  • It’s like your design elements have magnets!
  • With “Snapping” on, your layers will, well, snap to the nearest guide or grid line.
  • Go to “View” > “Snap To” > “Grid” to enable or disable it.

How To Make A Printable Grid In Photoshop

How to Add Guides in Photoshop?

Guides are like those imaginary lines that we were told to stand behind in kindergarten. They’re invisible to others, but oh-so-helpful for us!

Step 1. Adding the Ruler in Photoshop

  • Because sometimes we need to measure our awesomeness.
  • Hit Ctrl + R (Cmd + R for Mac users) or simply navigate to “View” > “Rulers”.
  • Your canvas will now be framed by two rulers – one horizontal and one vertical.

Step 2. Add Guides

  • Let’s create those imaginary lines!
  • Click on a ruler and drag it onto your canvas. Release it where you want the guide to appear.
  • Vertical ruler gives horizontal guides, and horizontal ruler gives…you guessed it, vertical guides!

Step 3. Snapping

  • Yes, again! It’s just as important here.
    Ensure “Snap To” is enabled for guides. It makes aligning layers to these guides a piece of cake.

Step 4. Remove and Hide Guides

  • Because sometimes, we outgrow our boundaries.
  • To hide them, use Ctrl + H (Cmd + H for Mac).
  • To delete a specific guide, just drag it back to the ruler.
  • If you want to clear all the guides, go to “View” > “Clear Guides”.


So there we have it – the magical realm of grids and guides in Photoshop! 🎨 With these tricks up your sleeve, you’re set to create designs that are both mesmerizing and meticulously organized. And remember, while grids and guides are there to help, don’t let them cage your creativity. Use them as a foundation and then paint outside the lines!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see the grid even after enabling it?

Ensure your gridline spacing isn’t set too wide in the preferences, or zoom in to see finer grids.

How can I quickly toggle the visibility of the grid?

Use the shortcut Ctrl + ‘ (Cmd + ‘ for Mac).

Can I change the color of my guides?

Absolutely! Go to “Edit” > “Preferences” > “Guides, Grid & Slices” and pick a color for your guides.

Is there a limit to how many guides I can add?

Nope! Add as many as your heart desires (or as many as your design requires).

Why aren’t my elements snapping to guides?

Ensure you have “Snap To” > “Guides” enabled under the “View” menu.