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The Best GTA Cars for Stunt Races (2023)

Ever found yourself speeding through the streets of Los Santos only to be overtaken by
a flashier, faster car and thought to yourself, “What’s that and how can I get one?” We
get it; in the sprawling city of Los Santos, it pays to have GTA Online’s best cars, but
choosing the perfect ride can be overwhelming. Whether you’re a newbie in need of a
reliable getaway vehicle or a seasoned player on the hunt for the latest elite supercar,
this guide will steer you in the right direction. Buckle up as we break down the best cars
to buy in Grand Theft Auto Online!

  • Karin Kuruma (Armored)

Starting Price: $698,250
Starting the list off will be the Armored Kuruma, typically regarded as one of the best
choices a player can find with a fantastic balance of speed, agility, and defensive
prowess. For those cruising the streets of Los Santos, speed and agility are paramount.
But throw in the numerous players that also inhabit each server and you get
unpredictable confrontations that can turn your shiny ride into a heap of metal in
seconds, forcing you to make that dreaded call to Mors Insurance for a replacement.
Therefore, durability and defense play an equally crucial role along with the
aforementioned characteristics.
With an excellent and robust engine powering the car, the Armored Kuruma offers an
all-wheel drive, allowing versatility all across Los Santos, from the streets up to Mount
Chilliad. It also has a respectable top speed of 91 MPH, but what truly makes the
Armored Kuruma stand out from its non-armored twin is its enhanced defensive perks.
Bullet-resistant windows, increased collision durability, and near immunity to crash
deformations make this vehicle a formidable choice and one of the best cars in GTA
Online for players seeking added security.

  • Pfister 811

Starting Price: $1,135,000
Taking inspiration from the Porsche 918’s elegance along with the rear aesthetics of
Koenigsegg Regera, the Pfister 811 packs quite a punch. While its exterior boasts frogeye headlamps and sleek side curves, it’s the interior that really shines. Borrowing
design cues from the Comet, its expansive windscreen area offers a broader view of
Los Santos. Whether you prefer a roofed look or a convertible style, the 811 offers
flexibility, catering to both preferences. But where the 811 really earns its stripes is in its
performance. Boasting impressive stats like an acceleration of 89 and a top speed of
85, it can hold its own in races without breaking the bank. However, if you are willing to
complete the car by fully upgrading, it achieves a breathtaking 132 MPH, demonstrating
its true potential. While it might not clinch the top spot on our list as the best car in GTA
Online, the Pfister 811’s combination of aesthetics and raw power ensures that it is not a
car to be overlooked.

  • Progen Emerus

Starting Price: $2,750,000
Securing the 8th spot on our list, the Progen Emerus isn’t just about style—it brings
race-winning performance to the table. Taking design cues primarily from the 2019
McLaren Senna, it showcases the striking rear fenders, air intakes, and iconic LED light
strips. Touches from the Senna GTR are evident in its generous carbon elements.
Needless to say, the Emerus has the looks needed to catch attention, but does it the
necessary power to catch speed?
The Emerus boasts stats that make any player interested in racing to take note. Its
handling is an impeccable 100, promising smooth turns on every corner, and with an
acceleration figure of 94and an awe-inspiring top speed of 127 MPH after upgrades, this
car is no slouch on the racetrack. And, inspired by the legendary McLaren Senna, the
Emerus doesn’t just drive fast—it ensures you’ll make an entrance with flair, an absolute
must to drive and own one of GTA V’s best cars.

  • Ocelot Pariah

Starting Price: $1,420,000
As you have seen with the previous entry, players are often spoiled for choice when it
comes to high-speed cars. Among the smorgasbord, the Ocelot Pariah stands out, a
beacon of engineering excellence, speed, and style. But the question remains: why is
this legendary behemoth only number seven on our list?
The introduction of cars like the Weevil Custom saw the Pariah’s unparalleled top speed
record (136 MPH) taken away. But speed isn’t the only factor when evaluating a car’s
supremacy. Performance is multifaceted. While the Pariah has an impressive engine
power and can dominate on straight stretches, its handling presents benefits that are
twofold. It demands respect and a seasoned hand to control. On straight roads and
smoother tracks, the Pariah feels like a dream, but intricate routes with sharp turns can
prove challenging. Despite this, it should never be disregarded for the Pariah still reigns
king for some players, especially ones who have been studying GTA Online’s best cars
since 2015.

  • Pegassi Ignus

Starting Price: $2,765,000
Making it to number six on our list, the Pegassi Ignus is yet another automotive
spectacle. At first glance, you’ll immediately note its headlights reminiscent of the
Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 Sián. Meanwhile, the vents on its hood evoke memories of
the Ferrari FXX-K. Take a look inside, and you’ll find out that you cannot discuss the
Ignus without mentioning its breathtaking livery. Inside, the Ignus pampers its driver with
an interior similar to the Truffade Nero and the Ocelot XA-21. Functionality takes center
stage with its active rear spoiler, which rises to the occasion when you’re pushing the
pedal to the metal. However, the active spoiler loses its functionality when customized
with other spoiler modifications, so buyer beware!
Despite its beauty, we’re making a clear distinction between the standard Ignus and its
weaponized counterpart. Priced a staggering $1,735,000 higher, the weaponized
version doesn’t offer significant advantages apart from its arsenal, making the standard
Pegassi Ignus a smarter choice for those prioritizing performance and aesthetics,
ultimately leading the Ignus to be one of the best cars for GTA Online.

  • Grotti Itali RSX

Starting Price: $3,465,000
Cruising in at number five on our list, the Itali RSX emerges as the standard of landbased racing. With speed and looks, there is no telling when the competition will be
distracted by the sheer beauty of this super car. With notable performance credentials,
featuring a top speed that can outpace a significant chunk of the Super Vehicle Class,
the Itali RSX does, however, require a delicate hand. Its slightly unstable handling
means that players need to approach sharp turns and road imperfections with caution.
Of course, beauty and performance come with a steep price, as all of the other cars you
have seen here for GTA Online. The Cayo Perico mission discount offers a reprieve, but
without it, the car leans on the pricier side. However, given its stellar acceleration and
handling stats – both clocking in at a perfect 100 – many would argue it’s worth every

  • Grotti Vigilante

Starting Price: $3,750,000
Ever wondered what it feels like to drive the Batmobile through the chaotic streets of
Gotham? There’s a reason why another Grotti has made it into the Top 5. Channeling its
inspiration from Tim Burton’s iconic Batmobile design from the 1989 movie Batman and
Batman Returns, the Vigilante is a nod to every fan’s dream vehicle. And at a price tag
of $3,750,000, it’s an exclusive ride reserved for the players lined with money in Los
Front-facing machine guns are neatly embedded into these fins, offering a powerful
offensive capability. It can further be upgraded to feature missile launchers, which, while
deadly, require the skill to ensure one doesn’t become a victim of their own firepower
due to the low positioning of these missiles. Once fully upgraded, it can zoom through
the streets of Los Santos at an exhilarating top speed of 147 MPH. But what truly sets it
apart is the rocket boost feature, propelling the car forward with a burst of speed
reminiscent of the Rocket Voltic. However, maneuvering this vehicle comes with its
challenges. Its long build makes it prone to understeering, and its wide rear can easily
get caught up against obstacles, similar to the previous entry. Despite this, the iconic
design, handling, and weapons capability make this one of the best cars in GTA Online.

  • Imponte Deluxo

Starting Price: $5,750,000
One of the standout vehicles in the GTA V universe is the Imponte Deluxo, which, while
not typically considered for standard races, is undeniably a thrill of a car to drive. What
sets the Deluxo apart is not just its resemblance to the iconic DeLorean, but its
advanced features that allow it to fly, hover, and even float on water. The ability to
transition between car mode and fly mode is what makes this one special. In hover
mode, it gracefully glides over water and land, offering unparalleled mobility. Push it
further, and you get to the flyer mode, allowing players to soar the skies, albeit at a
modest pace. With these capabilities, the Deluxo stands out as a complete package,
getting on as our third place pick for one of GTA V’s best cars.
On land, the Deluxo offers a decent speed, agility, and responsiveness akin to
hatchbacks and coupes. Its engine mirrors those found in cars like the Buccaneer and
the Nightshade, offering a robust driving experience. When in flight, the vehicle’s speed
caps at around 78.67 mph. Similar to the Vigilante, the Deluxo can also be outfitted with
weaponry, allowing domination of sea, air, and land!

  • BF Weevil Custom

Starting Price: $980,000
Taking the second spot is the relatively new Weevil Custom, a testament to the rapid
transformation and high-octane performance in GTA Online. At a combined cost of
$1,850,000 for the Weevil and its upgrade to the Custom variant (excluding the upgrade
costs), one might wonder: What makes this vehicle worth the lofty price tag? The
answer is simple: unrivaled customization and a raw, unadulterated driving experience
reminiscent of vintage hot rods. Its inspiration is evident, with the design mirroring the
distinctive VW Beetle Rat Rod, the Weevil Custom is an aggressive beast, showcasing
a lowered ride, increased wheel size, and the characteristic “chopped top” look
synonymous with Rat Rods. This car isn’t about hiding its modifications – it proudly
displays them for the world to see, pushing a visually and tactile feedback for you to
enjoy, putting the Weevil Custom very close to taking first place as the best car in Grand
Theft Auto Online.
With a top speed of 137 MPH, the Weevil Custom’s exhilarating acceleration is a force
to be reckoned with. Its predisposition to wheelspin and potential spinouts during sharp
turns requires experienced hands at the helm. Another downside is that the Weevil
Custom’s low suspension makes it susceptible to disruptions from road bumps. Its
expansive, exposed tires can become easy targets unless one opts for Bulletproof Tires,
adding to the hefty price tag.

  • Annis S80RR

Starting Price: $2,575,000
Taking the number one spot is the Annis S80RR, which continues to exist as a shining
example of endurance racing cars. Introduced as part of the 1.48 Diamond Casino &
Resort update in 2019, the S80RR swiftly became a fan favorite. The car’s aerodynamic
features and robust construction resonate with speed lovers. The front boasts an
angular profile accentuated by dual, circular headlamps. One of the most unique
aspects of the S80RR is its single, centrally located driver’s seat, a rarity in GTA’s
automotive world. This central positioning not only offers a distinctive driving experience
but also channels the spirit of high-speed racing, a true necessity to claim the title as
GTA Online’s best car.
In terms of performance, the S80RR is no turtle. Its rear-wheel drive offers an
exceptional acceleration, nearly unparalleled in its class. The car’s standout feature,
however, is its razor-sharp handling, allowing it to dart around corners with ease. Even
on rugged terrains, the S80RR remains stable, thanks to its weight distribution and
downforce. With an acceleration rating of 93.13 and an impeccable handling score of
100, it promises unmatched control. Its top speed clocks in at a heady 123 MPH,
making it a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack. If you’re someone who’s willing
to pay top dollar for top speed, you will not be disappointed with the best car in Grand
Theft Auto Online.
So there you have it! Our top ten picks for the best cars to purchase in Grand Theft Auto