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The Lords of the Fallen multiplayer co-op quick look

After nearly nine years of hiatus, Lords Of The Fallen has returned with a more challenging, more shadowy, more fantasy RPG that will get you back into the world of soulslike fighting with the added bonus of a better co op. Releasing on most major consoles – PC, Steamdeck, Playstation 5, and XBOX Series X|S, Lords Of The Fallen will be crossplay, but only for PC to console, and vice versa. Console to console will not be available just yet, maybe something to look forward to as the game progresses after its launch on the 13th of October.

This game offers tons of super neat features, and is the debut of a new video game development studio, Hexworks. Starting the game there are nine different classes to choose from, allowing any type of player to happily play whatever playstyle they are in the mood for. There is no need to worry about missing out on any type of gear or ability from classes as everything will become available to you as you progress through the game, allowing you to swap out whenever you choose! Utilizing only senior developers from many different countries and backgrounds, Hexworks used Unreal Engine 5 to create one of the most mesmerizing open world RPG maps since Elden Ring. The map is huge, and dual-layered, said to be around five times the size of the original Lords of Fallen map. The two realms split between the living and the dead, the living realm being Axiom, and the realm of the dead being Umbral. Both you can switch between in real time, and each with its own special twist. There are different passageways, different creatures, and of course in Umbral, you are already dead. You will need to hop between both realms throughout the course of your adventure in order to traverse the map. Some routes can only be taken in Umbral, while others in Axiom. Be wary while in Umbral, for the longer you stay in the abhorrent place, the more evil beings will come searching for you.

In order to get to Umbral, dying in Axiom is your one way ticket! There is also a way of resurrecting yourself using your Umbral lantern, to teleport yourself to the realm of the dead. It is important to note that this lantern also allows manipulation of the environment around you. Try using it to bring large items towards you, or send them away. Play around with it, and see what else you can find out! In either case, once you land in Umbral you must quickly find a vestige in order to resurrect yourself with all your items and experience. If you have obtained a vestige seed, and are able to find a flowerbed to plant the seed, you will be able to create your own checkpoint this way as well. The final way of transporting back to Axiom is by finding an effigy, this item will teleport you back instantly like a regular vestige, but it does just that, and lacks the warping, leveling, and resting abilities of the latter. If you’re unable to procure one of the

three ways, you will be respawned in Axiom at the last save point with absolutely nothing. Everything you had gained thus far, lost for naught.

Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the fallen co-op difficult?

This spin on difficulty makes other multiplayer games like Elden Ring pale in comparison. Lords Of The Fallen takes the tactical gameplay mechanics of Elden Ring and the fantastical boss battles of Bloodborne and meshes them into one captivating, genre defining RPG. However, Lord Of The Fallen has one thing that may just take the cake on all souls like RPG games. Is your Elden Ring seamless co op not working? Lords Of The Fallen co op will make playing with your friends extraordinarily easy. Your companion can join at any time in your journey, and exit whenever they or you please. This means no more having to restart your saves to add a member, or using up time attempting to procure specific items to simply allow your friend to join you. Just join, and have fun! The way videogames were intended to be! Once you spawn in there is uninterrupted online play for you, the host, and your companion, the guest. You can

invite the friend directly from an in-game vestige or you can “beckon” a random player to join you on your travels. Both players have different mechanics for the game. The host being in control of the world state, meaning whether you’re in Axiom or Umbra, and most major mechanisms. As well as NPC interactions are primarily held by the host as the guest cannot interact with quests or dialogue options. The guest can however pick up any dropped loot, interact with vendors, level up at vestiges and continually gains whatever vigor they accrue. The host can also resurrect its guest as long as they are in Axiom and have several seconds to spare. If neither are the case both players will appear back in Axiom at the last visited Vestige.

Lords of the Fallen

Having a companion to beat the main storyline with is unprecedented help, but if you are playing on multiplayer it is almost necessary. Even while playing solo, a pvp opponent can invade you no matter where you are in either realm. This makes playing with a partner all the more helpful. This might sound even too difficult for you and your

companion to deal with but alas, your team should be fine as long as you are not in any section deemed for pvp use specifically. These areas will be notable, just keep your eye out and try not to wander anywhere without paying close attention to where you are. If you are still having a hard time with the impending attacks there is also an item in-game that the player can consume that will grant a buff of being untargetable from invading attacks for a certain amount of time per consumption. As well as the option in the main menu to simply turn off multiplayer if you really are not one to enjoy the feeling of being watched all the time. Some may enjoy the excitement – however.

It is notable that the host is in control of the realm everyone exists in. This being said, if you are already in the Umbral realm and the attacker is on a structure that only exists in the Umbral realm, and you are quick enough, you can pull a neat tactic on your opponent. By getting to a Vestige fast enough, you can swap realms and the invader will, in the words of Hexworks Head of Studio Glascon, “swiftly go on a date with gravity.” This, and many more tricks hide in the first rate combat of Lords of the Fallen.

This enchanting story continues an eon spanning quest that I am sure will bring so much positive light to the Lords of the Fallen franchise as well as Hexworks studios, as well as every player who decides to attempt the challenge. Beyond not only the tactical combat, the dual-layered and massive, extraordinary map, to the best co op in an RPG yet, this game is going to be a very difficult one to put away. So, bring a friend, and embark together on a journey to purge the world of its darkness however you may see fit.