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How to Add a Caption to a Picture in Google Docs?

Are you a writer? Do you know How to Add a Caption to a Picture in Google Docs? Like Microsoft Word, Google Doc is one of the best document-making tools.

Google Docs helps people to build and update documents remotely while interacting in real-time with other users. Google doc is a favorite tool for many writers.

For our writing purpose, sometimes we have to include many items to make our content live. Image is the best media to express our content in vision.

But sometimes, we need to add a proper caption that describes why that image is in the range. And here is the method of how to add that vital caption.


Little Descriptions About Google Doc

Google doc is a free online word processor from Google. Which also contains Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google Keep.

Google Docs is a web-based service that can be accessed from any internet browser. It is also available as a smartphone app on Android and iOS and a computer program on Google’s Chrome OS.

Google Docs helps users build and update documents remotely while working with other users simultaneously. Edits are monitored by the user, with a review history displaying modifications.

Exceptional color and button identify an editor’s place. Google Docs allows you to access and save files in both its original customized formats.

Google docs available in opera mini, chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer web browsers.

How to add images on google docs?

  • Open your google docs. Now go to the top of the menu bar and look for the insert option. Click the insert you will see to insert Table, image, drawing, and many other options. When you hover your mouse over the image option, you’ll see a list of many different positions where you can find a photo.
  • The best option is to include images that are saved on your computer locally. Still, Google can also query a file from the internet, grab from your Google Drive or Google photos library, add a photo using the URL or photograph the camera.
  • If you’re attaching images from your device, choose Upload From Device, browse to the picture you want to add to your file, and click Open.
  • You might need to resize, rotate, or alter the colors of the image or modify how it connects with the document text. To access the Image Options menu, simply right-click the image and search for the list in the lower-left corner. Tap on the three dots to reveal other menu choices, and then on All Photo Choices to display the edit menu. The Image Options menu allows you to do various items to change the image connected with the text within it.

Why It Is Important To Add Images In Doc

Images are an excellent way to add visual interest to a text, and Word provides some options for inserting them. There are many clip art images built-in for almost every subject, so you might be sure to find the best clip art picture for your file. You can import a photo from a document if you have a more precise idea in mind.

How to add a caption to a picture in google docs?

You can add a caption to an image in two ways. These are

1.Add caption by using the drawing tool

  • Open google docs on your laptop or pc. Now go to the top of the screen, where you will find so many tools—one of these tools, you have to select the insert tool. Now click on the drawing option. After clicking on this tool, you will find the “new” option. Select the “new” option.
  • Then use the “Image” option to import the image or, if it is already downloaded, copy or past the image.
  • Then, press the “Text box” icon and move the box below the picture from the top bar. After that, from the menu bar, press the “Text box” button and put the box under the picture.
  • You can completely edit the text box, customize the size, change the box color, and even insert shapes. After editing, tap on the save and close option.

2.Add Google Docs image caption using the “Caption Maker” Add-on

Step :1 Install caption maker

  • Open your Google Docs folder and add a picture with a caption.
  • Click to-Addons; then, you will find the add-ons option and click on it.
  • At the top of the page, you have to search the caption maker at the search bar.
  • Click on the caption maker icon to download it. This opens the Google
  • Workspace Marketplace screen.
  • Now click on the blue button to install it.
  • Click on “continue ” for further procedure.
  • Here you will see the blue “Allow” option click on it.
  • Now, Your caption maker is now ready to caption your image.
  • Enter your google document, click on add- ons, click on another option “caption maker,” and tap on the start option.

Activate caption maker

  • If the Start option cannot be found in the Caption Maker, this means that you are installing the Caption Maker but are not permitted to use it.
  • To start the caption maker, click on Addons, and after that, click on manage add ons.
  • Now press on CTRL +R. It will activate the caption maker
  • Now, To caption your image, select the Start option. On the right side of the
  • Google Docs document.


How to add a caption to a picture in google docs? You can add captions in various ways.

But in this article, we have discussed two methods of adding a caption to an image. We hope you will learn from it. If you like this guideline, share it with your friends.