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How to Turn on Camera Pokemon Go

Little-known Pokemon Go data led by Niantic Inc. and its way of evaluating and improving the video game before the official launch. They gave a quota of one hundred players with the possibility of playing Pokemon Go and issuing recommendations and improvements from the perspective of the participants.

Once the video game is launched; These one hundred people were given in-game benefits such as acquiring accessories without the need for fighting or leaving the comfort of their home.

If after creating a free account in Pokémon Go you have problems with the camera, then you should read this tutorial in which we show you “how to turn on camera pokemon go?”

How to Turn on Camera Pokemon Go

How to fix AR camera problems in Pokémon GO if it doesn’t work? There are several solutions that we can use to solve errors with the AR camera in Pokémon Go. Read carefully the following methods that have proven to be functional in most occasions.

Update the app

Sometimes problems that arise in Pokémon Go are due to outdated versions of the App . For this reason, updating Pokémon Go to the latest version is recommended.

Close the application and clear the cache

It might seem like a very basic solution, but certainly forcing the app to close and then clearing the app cache can help. This is because many times the appearance of the error with the camera in Pokémon Go is a temporary matter.

  • To make this configuration, you must go to the Settings of your mobile device. Once there, locate the “Applications” section. Locate the Pokémon Go application and click on it.
  • Now locate the “storage” section. At the top there should be the options “Clear data” and “Clear cache” . Pressing on them will delete the stored Pokémon Go data, which can help solve the camera problem.

Restart the mobile device

Another solution that might seem basic, but usually works, is to simply turn the mobile device off and on , that is, restart it. Many times the camera does not work properly in Pokémon Go, because it has not started properly.

Given this, a simple restart of the cell phone many times helps the camera start properly in Pokémon Go. For this reason, if a problem related to the camera arises, the first thing you should do is restart the mobile.

Maybe your mobile doesn’t have a gyroscope

Pokémon Go will work on devices that do not have a gyroscope, in any case, the augmented reality functions will be limited. For this reason, the camera may not display in the most appropriate way. Commonly, if you don’t have a gyroscope, the Pokémon will appear overlapping, you can play, but the experience will not be the same as on more expensive devices.

Do not worry, if you want to play, you can do it without problems despite not having a gyroscope, but remember that new ones must take into account how to get free coins or pokecoins in Pokémon Go. Similarly, if you still have camera issues, check the options we showed earlier again.

What is Pokémon Go about

Pokémon Go is a video game of the Pokémon franchise developed by the Niantic company and released in 2016. Undoubtedly, the release of this video game was a milestone at the time and some people continue to play it even today.

It is a video game that uses augmented reality technology , which undoubtedly accounted for a large part of its success. This technology has allowed us to interact in a very interesting way with the video game, in which through your device you can see the Pokémon reflected in the real world.

The most interesting aspect of Pokémon Go

is that you can move through your city in order to find different classes of Pokémon and face other users or gym leaders. Simply put, it is very similar to the classic Pokémon of a lifetime, but with much greater interaction.

To use technology, the video game makes extensive use of the camera, in turn of geolocation. The camera is essential to recreate the augmented reality effect , while the location system is essential for the game mechanics, which focus on interaction with the real world.

Unfortunately the game has some common problems, said to be the case of the error 11 and 12 Pokémon GO Joystick fake GPS and also other problems related to the augmented reality camera.

Pokémon Go Features

Pokémon Go highlights, gyms stand out; that covers the training of the Pokémon’s and the combat between them, knowing that the more time you invest there; greater amount of Pokemonedas and the evolution of the Pokémon’s is approaching. These gyms are predetermined by Niantic Inc. and assigned to real-life sites; Worldwide there are more than four million gyms and Pokeparadas.

The acquisition of Pokémon’s are through Pokeballs and these are acquired by buying them with Pokecoins . In a daily maximum, five Pokecoins can be acquired in a range of three hours in gyms.

Many seek to capture all Pokémon from home; Therefore, the possibility of capturing all the Pokémon from home with the use of Joystick in the game is thought.

Ease of use of the Joystick For the game

Pokémon Go is available for IOS and Android. However, players have managed to download the application onto their computers; or make adaptations of the updates released to enjoy Pokémon Go from a computer, since this game is not compatible with all mobile phones.

There are accessories that make Pokémon Go, the video game much more attractive, such as a Joystick; a lever that facilitates movement; It has built-in buttons that allow perfection in throwing and fighting.


Thus, as the technological field grows and even more so are people interested in video games and accessories that give it a significant plus that increase the reality of video games; with this you can capture all the Pokémon from home. Hope you like this article, if you like it, you can express your feelings through your valuable comments.