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If I Unlike a Photo on Instagram Will My Followers See It

Have you ever been tempted to unlike a photo on Instagram? Millions of people use Instagram every day, making it one of the most widely used social media sites. Instagram users may have pondered the question of whether or not their posts and comments are seen by others. If you’ve ever wondered, “If I unlike a photo on Instagram, will my followers see it?” you’re not alone. This post will dive deep into this question, shedding light on the intricacies of Instagram dislikes and helping you gain a deeper appreciation for the platform. If not, it’s likely you’re one of those people that never really look at your feed. I know that sounds silly because who would want to scroll through their newsfeed when they could be out living life?

But if you’ve ever found yourself scrolling and then come across an unflattering photo or something that makes you feel uncomfortable, we have the perfect solution for how to deal with these types of things without having to resort to unliking photos.

If I Unlike a Photo on Instagram Will My Followers See It

Yes, your followers will see it. You can learn more about how to do this in our blog post “Instagram FAQ“.

If you accidentally unlike a photo, your followers won’t be able to see it. But if you do this on purpose, they’ll know that you didn’t like the photo on purpose but rather that it was an accident.

Possible Consequences of Unliking a Photo

While disliking a photo might not result in immediate feedback from your followers, it could have unintended consequences. Your followers may discover that you no longer like a photo even if you don’t send them a signal when you unlike it. When you remove your like from a post on Instagram, other users will be able to see that you no longer liked it.

Keep in mind, though, that Instagram is a dynamic medium where fresh posts arise frequently. It’s doubtful that your followers will notice that you didn’t like a particular photo unless they specifically look for it in the list of likes. In addition, there is so much stuff out there that your followers may have a hard time recalling that you liked a certain shot.

FAQ about Unliking Photo on Instagram

Can I undo the “unlike” I just gave a photo?

There is currently no way to undo an Instagram “dislike” of a photo. Disliking someone is an eternal process.

Will the photo’s original poster see my dislike and remove it?

When someone “dislikes” a photo on Instagram, the app does not alert the user who posted it. The unpopular choice is kept out of sight.

When I unfollow someone on Instagram, do they unfollow me?

Disliking a photo is a subjective choice that probably won’t have any serious repercussions on your friendship with the person who submitted it. Always keep in mind that the likes and dislikes you receive on Instagram are completely subjective.

Can I delete a photo from my activity feed by disliking it?

You can’t get rid of a photo from your activity feed just by disliking it. However, it will no longer be displayed in your Favorite Photos collection.

When I don’t like a photo, is it a secret?

Instagram does not provide a way to cover up the fact that you disliked a user’s photo. Unliking a photo, however, does not alert your friends or followers; therefore, it is unlikely that they will see that you have done so until they check the list of likes themselves.

Can I view a log of the photos I’ve disliked in the past?

There is currently no way to look back over previously disliked photographs on Instagram. The platform is geared around highlighting your current interactions and engagements.


In conclusion, your Instagram followers will not be alerted to the fact that you disapproved of a certain photo. Disliking a photo is a snooze-worthy action that won’t trigger any notifications. However, if your followers regularly saw your like before, they may still notice that it is no longer there. However, Instagram’s rapid pace and the abundance of posts mean that your followers are unlikely to notice if you suddenly stop liking their photos.

You can better explore Instagram and make smarter decisions about your social media connections if you know how the unliking process works.