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Marriage Photo Video Mixing Software Free Download

Today we will discuss how to “Marriage Photo Video Mixing Software Free Download”. Many pictures of the bride and groom are taken at the wedding ceremony, the reason for taking these pictures is to remember the wedding moments. In this article I will tell you the names of some software that you can use to make videos with your Marriage photos.

Marriage Photo Video Mixing Software Free Download

Many people want to make videos with their wedding photos. There the bride and groom are photographed in a variety of ways at their weddings. Pictures of the beautiful moments of the bride and groom are taken at the wedding house. Many events are organized around the bride and groom.

When arranging a wedding, there must be a photo shoot as there are many types of relatives present at the wedding and all of them are photographed. You can also add pictures of relatives to your video.

If you want to make videos with your Marriage photos then you must use video making software. There are many software for making wedding photos and videos, you can download the software of your choice and make a video.

There are many types of Marriage photo video mixing software available online, some of which are paid versions and some are free.

We will now know where and how to download Marriage photo video mixing free software…


You can edit any type of video with KineMaster video editor software and you can easily add music video with it. You can edit your wedding video with KineMaster. There are many software available online for making wedding videos but most of them are paid versions. But you can download and edit the video for free with kinemaster.


Filmora is the software of choice for most people around the world who work with video editing. If you want, you can also download and use Filmora for free. You can use Filmora video editing software to make wedding videos.

Camtasia video editor

You can do video editing of your wedding using Camtasia Video Editing Software. This software is very easy to use and you can use its free themes.

From some of the video editing software discussed above, you can download the software of your choice and edit the wedding video as well as add music songs to the wedding video.

How to Create and Edit Wedding Videos

In this article we will see how to Create and Edit Wedding Videos in a simple way, but at the same time with professional results. What you need is only a professional video editing program , like Filmora is .

This program can be downloaded in a totally free demo version, on your PC or Mac.

Open Filmora Video Editor on your pc

After installing the video editor program on your computer, choose to open the software’s “ full ” mode and create 16: 9 videos (this is the best resolution for watching movies on TV).

Import your wedding videos to edit

The first thing to do is to load into the program all the video files related to your wedding and that you intend to use to create the final movie. Look kinemaster wedding video editing download. In case you have a single long video file (the original one made by the photographer), import it into the program… You can then always divide it in Filmora to create the various scenes.

Drag the videos to the bottom of the timeline

To start editing the video, drag the files down (as shown in the figure above). Once the files are in the ” timeline ” you can start identifying the best scenes to keep and remove the ones you don’t need.

To cut the video and remove unnecessary scenes, all you have to do is position yourself on the cut point, then click on the scissors symbol at the top and then select and delete the unwanted part of the video.

Generally, to create a good wedding video, the scenes to identify and focus on are the following:

  • Groom and Bride Preparation for their respective homes
  • Leaving the bride from her home
  • Groom’s church entrance and bride’s church entrance
  • Scenes (not too long) of the mass
  • (full) scene of the ring exchange
  • Leaving the church
  • Reception hall entrance
  • First dance of the spouses
  • Celebrations and relatives videos
  • Greetings.

At the beginning and at the end of the video you can insert introductory and final videos already present in the program. Access the Text / Credit section and choose the one you prefer and that best matches the wedding theme.

Add transition effects and various effects

Once you have identified the scenes described above, thanks to Filmora you will be able to create transition effects from one scene to the next, so that the video is linear and uniform. See kinemaster wedding video editing download. There are many types of transition effects, all you have to do is go to the TRANSITIONS section and choose the one you like best.

In addition to transition effects it is advisable to insert some special effects on some scenes. Access the FILTERS section and here you will find several very beautiful effects to apply to the video and create scenes in black and white, or sepia, etc …

Adding background music

Once the final video is almost ready, you can start inserting the songs you want as the soundtrack. To each scene you can add the music you want, importing it from your computer and then placing it in its track on the timeline.

For some scenes, for example for swapping the rings, it is advisable to leave the original audio (if it is decent).

To optimize the audio, for example to increase the volume, just double click on the audio track and adjust the various parameters.

Export the final video

Once the video satisfies you, you can proceed with its export. Click on the EXPORT icon and a window will open asking you in which format to save the final video. You can choose any video format, even less popular in kinemaster wedding video editing download. You can also decide to burn it directly to a DVD.

Last words

Last but not the least, according to me, the best app for marriage video editing is “kinemaster wedding video editing download”. We hope you like this article. If you like it, you can let us know in the comments, and if you have more information about the photo background changer software, please let us know. You can also bookmark our site. Thank you.