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Remove Background in Pixlr within 30 Seconds: A Step By Step Guide

How to remove background or cut out things from a photo?

This is the most frequent question I found on Quora or other related sites and forums.

Remove the background from a photo is easy or can be challenging.

It depends on the photo you are going to cut out and the complexity of it.

If your photo is simple and has clear outlines, then it is super simple to remove the background from it.

On the other hand, for a complex image, it is challenging to remove the background.

Today, I am going to show you how to remove background in Pixlr with Ai Cut Tool.

It takes only 30 seconds to remove the background with this tool.

Keep in mind; It only performs the best for the image that has clear outlines.

For removing the background from a complex photo, you need to apply advanced techniques.

In our next post, we will cover this.

Now, let’s come to the point.

How to remove background in Pixlr X with Ai Cut Out tool?

Step 1. Head over to the homepage of Pixlr X

At first, go to the official or homepage of Pixlr X by clicking here. It looks like the below screenshot.

From there, tap on the ‘Open Image’ button to open an image in Pixlr X.

After selecting a photo from your gallery, you can see a pop-up box like this.

It tells you to select the dimension of the image for editing.

So, choose one and click on the apply button.

Here how the original photo looks like I am going to edit:

Step 2: Go to Cutout > AI CutOut

From the left toolbar menu, select the Cutout tool. It looks like a scissor.

When you click on the tool, a popup box appears on the top left side of your screen.

Click on the Ai Cutout tool from there and see what is going to happen.

When you click on the Ai Cutout tool, you can see a dialogue box like this.

It shows you the Ai Cutout tool is processing your photo.

Once the processing is completed, you can see a box like this.

From there, tap on the continue button.

And here is the magic.

Step 3. Save the Image

As I am satisfied with the above result, I am going to save and download the image.

To save the image, click on the save button from below and you can see a popup box name Save Image.

You can change the file name as well as select a file type from there.

Also, you can change the dimension of the photo from there using the Image Width and Image Height.

Once you have done, tap on the Download button to save and download the final output.

Note: Pixlr X removes the background automatically and makes it transparent.

For a simple image, you get a precise result like this.

But what you do if you don’t get an accurate result.

Though we discuss this in our next post, but I give you a hint here in the next paragraph. So, continue to read.

Example Two

I open a bit complex photo in Pixlr X and follow the same process I mentioned above.

Here is the second photo (original):

And here is the final one:

You can see that there is still some background areas at the bottom area of the photo.

So, how can you fix the error?


Choose the draw cutout tool from the toolbar.

And change the mode to remove.

I zoom up the photo near to 153% from this image.

Then, I start brushing over the error area.

After erasing, there is no background remaining.

However, there has still some errors.

To fix the error, I adjust the brush size to 10px.

Next, I start brushing over the error area.

Now, it looks better.


I hope you can find this article helpful and learn how to remove the background in Pixlr within 30 seconds.

Following the 3 simple steps I mentioned above, you can easily and precisely remove the background and makes it transparent.

I have included those steps here again for your convenience. They are:

  • Head over to the homepage of Pixlr X
  • Go to Cutout > AI CutOut
  • Save the Image

On the other hand, if the AI Cutout tools can’t remove the background properly like the second photo.

Then, follow the steps I applied in Example Two.

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