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Top 6 Online Photo Editor with Layers in 2023

Which is the best online photo editor with layers in 2023? To get the answer, read this article top to bottom.

Take a close eye to the above pictures.

If you see attentively, you can see there are two layers.

They are:

Now, observe the second photo.

Can you see any difference between those two photos?

You can see that the color of the second tag with the glass jar is changed to yellow.

If you see the photo thoroughly, you can find the changes don’t affect other parts of the image.

So, how is it possible?

It is possible by the powers of layer featured in Photoshop or other photo editing software.

With layers, you can change or edit any specific part of an image by keeping the rest of the photo unchanged.

Adobe Photoshop by so far is the best layer-based photo editing software.

You know that many of us including me don’t have enough money to use Photoshop.

It doesn’t mean we can’t use the layer feature to change the effect or edit any specific part of an image.

On the web, there are a lot of online photo editors with layers available.

And in this guide, I am going to introduce you to those free photo editors.

The best part is all of the apps I have included below are free and easy to use.

So, let’s dive into this article.

6 Best Online Photo Editor with Layers in 2023

Here is the top 6 free online photo editor.

01. Pixlr X

Pixlr X is the best online photo editor on this list that has better layer capabilities.

By default, when you open an image, there has only a single layer.

You can add more layers to give depth and create a master art piece. And the best part is you can edit and modify each of the layers individually to bring out the best look of the photo.

For example, look at the below images attentively.

The first photo (before) shows you a figure with other layers.

And the second one shows you how each of the layers blends to make an excellent output.

It’s cool, right.

With the power of layers, you can create such kind of aesthetic photo effects.

Don’t know how to create, blend, and use layers in Pixlr to get an output like that?

Then, check out this article to learn how layers work and let you create such kinds of photos using various effects.

Apart from advanced layer capabilities, Pixlr X has packed with a lot of photo editing tools.

Using it, you can do both basic and beauty retouching workflows.

This online photo editor lets you do basic editing workflows like cropping & resizing, adding filters, and so on.

Therefore, Pixlr X has come with a lot of effects to create a stunning photo with a single click.

Indeed, it is an advanced free online photo editor app that has better layer capabilities as well as photo editing tools.

02. Photopea

Photopea is another best online photo editor app on this list.

If you use Photoshop before, then you don’t find any difference between the interface of Ps and Photopea.

Here is how the interface of Photopea looks like.

This online Photoshop alternative app doesn’t only mimics the interface of Ps but also imitates almost every editing tool.

Photopea has packed with both basic and advanced editing tools.

When it comes to layer capabilities, then Photopea is superior to Pixlr X.

Best of all, the way you create a layer in Photoshop, Photopea also lets you make a layer following the same way.

Following three simple steps, you can easily create layers and use them to make stunning photo effects.

First, you can create a layer from the top menu bar.

To create a new layer from there, go to Layer > New > Layer.

Second, also, you can create a new layer by clicking on the new layer icon from the top right bottom of your window.

Third, clicking on the right side of the background, you can also create a duplicate layer of the background layer.

In short, Photopea is similar to Photoshop and lets you use layers to create stunning effects or edit photos non-destructively.

Nonetheless, Photopea is a free photo editor app. So, you don’t need to spend money to enjoy Photoshop alike features.

The downside of Photopea is it shows ads while editing photos. However, I don’t mind about this as it lets me use the layer feature for free.

03. Picozu Image Editor

Picozu Image Editor is another online photo editor like Photopea.

Of course, it doesn’t come with a lot of editing tools like Photopea but featured with layers.

With it, you can use layers to edit any part of your photos and apply different effects to make the image stand out.

The interface of Picozu Image Editor is intuitive and doesn’t intimidate with a plethora of tools. It means Picozu is easy to use.

Here how the interface of Picozu looks like:

Creating a layer in Picozu is simple.

From the top editing panel, go to Layer > New > Layer. In this way, you can create a blank layer.

Look at the right side of the Windows. You can see there created a layer above Layer 1.

If you want, you can also create a layer from the existing photo going to Layer > Image from layer.

In short, it is pretty simple to create a layer in Picozu and work with it.

Besides the layer capabilities, Picozu has packed with a lot of essential editing tools and photo filters.

In Picozu, there are 15 different photo filters available to make the photo enticing with a single click.

Nonetheless, each of the filters has featured with a lot of effects.

To sum up, Picozu can be the best online photo editor who looks for layer feature and don’t need a lot of editing tools.

04. Sumopaint Online Image Editor

Sumopaint is also an online photo editor like Photopea that has come with layers.

The interface of Sumopaint is similar to Photopea.

Indeed, both Sumopaint and Photopea mimic the interface of Ps.

The user interface of Sumopaint looks like the below screenshot.

For creating a layer in Sumopaint, you should go to Layer > Add New Layer.

Now, notice in the layer panel in Sumopaint. You can find there a new layer created above the background layer (layer 1).

On the flip side, Sumopaint has also packed with both basic and advanced editing tools.

All the tools of Sumopaint can be found on the left toolbar menu.

Moreover, a lot of adjustment tools are also available in Sumopaint to develop a raw file.

Using those adjustment tools, you can adjust brightness, correct color balance, hue & saturation, and so on.

Therefore, a plethora of filters available in Sumopaint like blur, distort, noise, and so on.

Each of the filters has come with sub-effects. It means you can adjust each of the filters according to your need.

To sum up, Sumopaint can be your best choice if you want to enjoy Photoshop alike features for free.

05. Ribbet

Ribbet is one of my favorite online photo editors I use as a Picmonkey alternative.

The interface of Ribbet is intuitive and anyone can edit photos using Ribbet.

This free online photo editor has packed with both basic and beauty retouching tools.

Basic editing tools included in Ribbet are Auto-fix, crop, exposure, color, and so on.

The Auto-fix tool magically enhances the portrait photo.

Using the crop tool, you can resize your photo according to the dimension you want.

Effects in Ribbed included a lot of photo effects including black & white, sepia, boost, soften, and so on.

With the effects, you can enhance the look of your photo with a single click.

Also, this free online photo editor has come with a lot of retouching tools like blemish remover, wrinkle remover, and so on.

Using those retouching tools, you can give an enticing look to your portrait.

Now, let’s come to the main point. In simple words, is Ribbet come with a layer editing feature?

Yes, Ribbet lets you create layers and use them to edit each of the parts of an image.

At the top left bottom of your screen, you can see a button name Photo Basket.

This option works in two ways. First, it helps you to layering photos.

Second, you can create collages using the Photo Basket.

To layering images, click on the Photo Basket from the left of your screen. And then upload a photo from your computer.

Next, use the Fade slider to combine each of the photos using various types of blend modes.

Thus, how the layering feature works in Ribbet.

However, if you find this layer system difficult, then use Photopea or Sumopaint.

06. BeFunky

BeFunky is another best online photo editor app I like most.

With it, you can edit photos, create collages, and make graphic elements.

Indeed, it is a versatile online photo editor.

For editing photos, it has come with a lot of editing tools both for editing and beauty retouching workflows.

To perform basic editing workflows, it has packed with editing tools like cropping & resizing, auto-fix, cutout, and so on.

To beautify a portrait photo, Befunky includes a lot of retouching tools like blemish remover, wrinkle eraser, and eye-enhancement tools.

For making an image stunning with a single click, it has packed with a lot of effects like white & black and more.

Something really cool about Befunky is it has featured a lot of artsy effects.

Using these effects, you can easily turn your photo into a drawing. So, for the painter, Befunky is an excellent photo editor app.

Most importantly, Befunky offers the layering feature to make dramatic photo effects.

From the top left bottom of your screen, you can easily create layers using the Layers & Groups icon.

If you find it challenging in Befunky, check out this article to learn how to use layers and groups in this free photo editor.


So, which is the best online photo editor with layers on this list?

Well, I love all of the 5 free online photo editor apps I have listed.

All of them are free, easy to use, and come with layer editing capabilities.

Using them, you can combine images, group them, and apply effects on any part of the photo.

Pixlr X, by so far, is my favorite online photo editor that comes with layers.

I choose this on my priority list for its intuitive interface.

Photopea and Sumopaint are also the best online photo editor on this list.

But the interface of those two apps is similar to Photoshop. It means these photo editors may be challenging for the amateur photo editor.

You can also try Befunky or Ribbet to enjoy the layer editing feature for free.

Now, it’s time to make a decision. Which online photo editor on this list you are going to try first?

Have you already used any of them? If yes, which one you tried and how it works?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.