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How To Get Photoshop Free

Honestly, there is no legal way to get Photoshop for free except by downloading the trial version. You can only get Photoshop for free by downloading the free trial it offers. But- the fact is the trial ends after seven days. It means you can use all the features of Photoshop for a limited time.

And the good news is the trial version lets you discern the capability of Photoshop. In this guide, I let you know how to download the Photoshop trial version following the step-by-step guide. On the flip side, if you don’t have enough budget to buy Photoshop, then there are also a lot of Photoshop alternative apps available both for free and paid.

Of course, those free apps won’t break the bank but you can at least do essential photo touch-ups precisely with them. Besides, I have also broken down the negative impacts of downloading Photoshop illegally. As a result, you can easily avoid those illegal processes to keep your computer safe.

Indeed, it is a complete guide to getting Photoshop for free legally.

So, let’s dive into it.

You can get Photoshop or enjoy Photoshop alike features following these ways

  • Downloading the Photoshop free trial version
  • Considering the free Photoshop alternatives
  • Using Affinity Photo
  • Now, it’s time to break down each of the steps. So, continue to read.

Download Photoshop free trial version

In this chapter, I let you know how to download the free trial version of Photoshop. Before getting started, first, it is better to know the FAQ related to the trial version. It gives all the answers to the questions you have in your mind about the Photoshop trial version.

Here we go.

Photoshop Free Trial FAQ

Is the trial version of Photoshop offers every feature and tool?

Yes, you can get or enjoy the complete version of Photoshop with all the features it offers.

Is it possible to get Photoshop without creative cloud membership?

No, it is not possible to get Photoshop without a member of the creative cloud.

Can I get a discount if I decide to buy Photoshop after the end of the free trial?

If you are a student or a teacher, then you can get over 60% discounts on the entire collection of creative cloud apps for the first year.

Is it possible to download the trial version of Photoshop CS6?

No, Adobe only allows you to download the up-to-date version of Photoshop.

When does the duration of the free trial end?

After seven days, the trial version of Photoshop will end.

How to download Photoshop free trial?

There is no need to make an introduction to this chapter. So, let’s dive into the step-by-step guide directly.

Step 1. Head over to the Adobe Photoshop official page

First, go to the Photoshop official page by clicking here.

The official page of Photoshop looks like the below screenshot.

From there, click on the free trial button.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Start free trial button

When you click on the free trial button, it brings you to ‘Start your free 7-day trial’ page.

Step 3. Enter your email address

After clicking on the ‘start free trial’ button, it gets you to the checkout page.

Then, you can see a box that wants you to put your email address. So, enter your email there and click on the ‘continue’ button.

Thus it…

Keep in mind that you can use the trial version for seven days. After that, you need to pay Adobe.

Free Photoshop Alternatives

If you can’t afford to pay Adobe per month for using Photoshop, then considering the free alternative to Photoshop apps will be best. As I told you before, you won’t break the bank but still enhance your photos using the free photo editor apps. Using the apps I listed below, you can perform basic editing workflows like adjusting exposure, correcting photo color, noise reduction, and so on.

Also, you can do some pro-level retouching workflows like blemish removal, fix perspective correction, and much more.

Best of all, you don’t need to break the law or follow illegal ways to get Ps for free.

So, keep reading.