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Adobe Spark Review: The Ultimate Guide in [2023]

Are you ready to make your audience stunned by creating appealing visuals? Yes, Adobe Spark makes your dream into reality by offering breathtaking features and capabilities. Read about “Adobe Spark Review: The Ultimate Guide in [2023]”

It offers stunning and eye-catching templates for creating social graphics, blog posts, brand content, web pages, and short videos.

And surprisingly, you don’t need to have creative zeal and the experience either. Adobe Spark itself takes all responsibilities to create striking visuals.

Just grab the pre-made templates and start customizing them to make unique content that makes your audience amazed.

From this guide on Adobe Spark Review, you will learn about every feature of this app and how you can utilize them.

So, take a mug of coffee and start reading this guide from top to bottom.


Key Features of Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark put together every feature into three tiers, including:

  • Adobe Spark Post
  • Adobe Spark Page
  • Adobe Spark Video

Now, let’s take your close eyes on each of them to create breathtaking visual stories.

Adobe Spark Post

With Spark Post, you can create share-worthy, unique, and stunning graphics in a few seconds.

Creating social channel content like posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a breeze.

Also, you can find free templates to create flyers, posters, graphic cards, business cards, and whatnot.

On top of that, ad templates are also available to make eye-catching posts for promoting your business through ad creation.

If the pre-made size for creating posts is not satisfactory for you, it lets you use a custom post size.

How to create a post with Adobe Spark: 

First off, visit the official page of Adobe Spark and create an account using your Google account.

From the top-left side of the screen, click on the + icon to create a post. While you tap on the plus icon, it brings up a drop-down page.

Pick an option to make a specific type of post. For example, I want to create a feature photo for this article for publishing on Facebook.

So, I choose the Facebook Post from the drop-down menu that appears an interface

As my Facebook Post, I select template:

Now, let’s fine-tune the image to create a unique post.

To do that, first, let’s change the image. Click on the photo and it brings an editing option on the right side.

Tap on Replace and you can find another pop-up box on the left side.

Click on the Upload photo option to open an image from your Pc. Then, I crop it.

After replacing the image, it’s time to fine-tune the text. So, tap on the Text and you will see the text editing option on the right side.

Adjusting the text editing panel, you can change alignment, font size, add shadow, and so on.

After adjusting the text here what how the final result look like.

If you want to download the image, tap on Download from the top-right side. Select the file type, and click on Start download to download the photo you create.

On the flip side, you can also share your work by clicking on the Share button next to the Download.

Adobe Spark Page

Have you ever used Strikingly or Wix to create free web pages? Then, you can find similarities between Spark Page and Strikingly.

With Spark Page, creating a single web page is effortless. Within this page, you can express your creativity by adding a title, sub-title, background photos, even a slideshow.

Indeed, it isn’t only a page but an effective way to let your audience know who you are.

The best part is- you don’t need to spend a single penny for hosting or others.

How to create a web page with Adobe Spark:

Firstly, tap on the plus icon and select the Web page from the drop-down menu to move forward.

A few seconds later, you can find a pre-made web page template.

From there, you can add title, sub-title for your single-page website. Even you can change its background photo by clicking anywhere on the background.

Spark lets you add pictures from these sources:

Also, you can upload images from your gallery by clicking on the Upload Photo button.

If you don’t like the theme, there are also other options to explore.

To decorate and add more options, you can utilize these page builder tools:

  • Photo helps to add photos on the page.
  • Text allows you to tell stories with text.
  • Button lets add a call-to-action button to draw your audience into your funnel.
  • Video for adding your business or work videos.
  • Photo Grid to let your audiences know about your business through creating collages.
  • Glideshow assists you to create slideshows with images.
  • Split layout to change the layout of the single page.

Adobe Spark Video

Creating video content is not a nightmare now. Spark simplifies the video-making process. It allows you to create interesting videos by the combination of audio clips, text, video, animation, photos, and icons.

There are a lot of pre-made video templates for you to start from choosing one. Select one as a foundation and complete it by spicing it up, adding text, photo, audio, and so on.

It features a voiceover tool also to add and record your own voice right there. Plus, a lot of soundtracks available out there to add to your video.

Why Should You Use Adobe Spark? 

Spark is an excellent visual content creation tool. Using it, you can create graphics, a web page, and interesting videos with a few snaps.

Here are some reasons why you should use Adobe Spark:

It’s Free!!

The visual content creator is completely free. Every feature from graphic to image and templates it offers is free. It means you don’t need to spend a single buck to create impressive content. Even you can download, share photos directly on your social channels without paying a penny.

No learning curve

Yes, there is no learning curve. So, anyone, even your child can use this app to create posts, websites, and videos. Adobe Spark offers pre-made templates for creating content. What you need to do is- grab any templates from there and start adjusting them. Indeed, you don’t need to create unique & appealing content from scratch.

Share your stories within a second

If you have any stories to tell or want to let your community know, Adobe Spark makes it possible.

The web page builder allows you to create a stunning single page to share your stories adding text, videos, audios, and photos.

And all you can do within a few seconds without spending a buck.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Adobe Spark?

Apart from the upsides, Adobe Spark has also some downsides. For example, you can’t build a multi-page website. Let’s look at some cons of the free content creation app.

Limited social sharing option

Unlike its competitor, it offers limited social sharing options. It only allows you to share your creation on Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, its counterpart, Canva lets its users share almost every social channel.

Forces you to market their brand

The ugli part of Adobe Spark is it forces you to market their brand. Every content you create on Spark embeds its logo. For example, look at the feature post I created using Spark. It adds its logo on the right side. At the end of the day, you don’t want to let your friends know how you created the content!!

Don’t let you build a multi-page website

Another downside of this website builder is it only allows you to create a single-page website. Yeah, it will be best if you want your audience to let know only about the basic information of your business.

But you can’t create a contact page, contact page, and product page with Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark vs Canva: Which one is the best?

Canva and Adobe Spark are two online-based content creation tools. Both of them gain immense popularity to create awesome visuals for free.

But when it comes to choosing between them, it will be daunting to pick the best one.

In this short comparison part, we let you decide which one will be your ideal pick.

Here we go.


Both Canva and Spark offer free templates to create graphics, videos, and so on. But Canva features more to create flyers, business cards, infographics, video, stock photos, and so on. The interface of it is also more intuitive than Adobe Spark.

Video Creation Capabilities

Compared to Spark, Canva offers more stock video-templates with more striking layouts. So, you can choose Canva over Spark in case of video creation.


The interface of Canva is intuitive and simpler than Adobe Spark. Though Adobe Spark is simple to understand, Canva’s workflow is better and easy.

Is Adobe Spark Free?

Adobe Spark is completely free. Yes, you heard the right. The starter plan will cost you no buck but provides you everything you need. With the free plan, you create breathtaking graphics, flyers, social images, and so on. You can even create videos and web pages for free.

If you think the free version is not enough for you, you can upgrade your plan. By changing your plan, you can get control over everything. Change and use your own logo and so on. You can check out this to learn more about its pricing.


Throughout this guide on Adobe Spark Review, we broke down everything you need to know about Adobe Spark.

From creating graphics to videos, you can do everything with this Adobe app.

The best part is- you can also install it on your mobile device (iOs only).

But the thing I don’t like is it forces us to market their brand. Every post you create will embed the logo of Adobe Spark.

Now, it’s your turn.

What do you think about Spark? Are you going to use this? Which features of this design app do you love most? Let us know by leaving a comment below.