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How To Make Trendy Instagram Reels Like A Pro in 2023

This article is everything you need to know about Instagram Reels – Instagram’s answer to TikTok’s short-form videos. We will cover exactly how to make cool Instagram Reels like a Pro. Also, we will talk about how to use and upload your videos as Reels. Also, we will explain simple tips and tricks to increase your views.

Moreover, we will share our top video editing apps and tools for iPhone and Android all designed to help you get better results.

Comparing Reels to Instagram Stories which are limited to 15 seconds and disappear after 24 hours, Reels are vertical videos as well. However, they can be up to 60 seconds in length, and they do not disappear. It makes Reels a great and valuable piece of content that can stick around and bring you an impact and reaction for a long time after you create it.

How To Make Trendy Instagram Reels Like A Pro?

Tiktok videos and Instagram Reels are very similar. Right now TikTok supports up to three-minute videos, and probably Reels will be increased to that point sometime soon. But as for right now, Reels’ maximum video length is 60 seconds. Apart from that, the two video platforms are very similar. They both have a lot of effects, filters, and music.

The real benefit of the Reel drawcard is that you can create short and sharp engaging, videos that people love to consume quickly.

Remember, Reels should be created in portrait format. You can upload videos in both vertical and horizontal formats. However, the idea is to do it vertically, since it occupies the entire screen of the mobile device. Make sure to upload videos only in the vertical format to make cool Instagram Reels.

In terms of creating Reels, you have two main options. You can do the entire process just within the Instagram app. Check out this article for helpful tips on how to do this.

Vertical video for Instagram reels

Option number 2 is to use more professional third-party apps which will give you more advanced controls and customizability. Those apps will let you get more creative with your editing to create more professional Reels.

We have done full breakdowns of the best filming apps and the best editing apps on both Android and iOS.

Filmic Pro app

Filmic Pro is one of the best rounders for filming and creating Instagram Reels. You can think of this app as your built-in camera app but on steroids. This app allows you to create vertical videos with much more control and higher quality than you will get out of the built-in camera app or the Instagram camera app. With this app, you can lock down the shutter speed, lockdown ISO, and rack focus to change the focus while you are recording, adjust volume levels, and change up the picture profiles of your recording.

Unfortunately, Filmic Pro is missing the option that allows you to pause your recording and quickly go back and remove things on the fly (this feature is available on Instagram). Instead Filmic Pro allows you to record either a lot of separate clips or one really big clip and do your editing afterward in the editing app.

How To Make Trendy Instagram Reels Like A Pro

Now in terms of the best editing apps, the most professional app on iOS is Lumafusion. This app will help you to edit down the footage you have just shot in Filmic Pro. However, this app might be over-complicated for a lot of people. It is a VERY professional app.

For Android users, the closest thing to Lumafusion is the Kinemaster app.

But in terms of the best all-rounders for both beginners and advanced video-makers, we would suggest checking out VN Video Editor or CapCut. Both of those are really easy to use. And both apps are free and are packed with a ton of great and useful features.

How to use VN Video Editor?

  • Open up VN Video Editor
  • Hit on the plus down at the bottom to create a new project
  • Select New Project
  • Select and import the video clips that you want to edit
  • Press the NEXT button at the bottom

Some cool features you can do with this app

  • Pick the clips and move them around
  • Tap on a clip and adjust the start and end times by dragging yellow handles around
  • Use the scissor feature to split a clip into two
  • Add another cut or delete the middle section entirely by pressing on the trash can
  • Easily trim down your outage and remove all the stuff that you do not want
  • Speed up and slow down your clip
  • Add the filters and effects, to change how your video looks
  • Apply transitions and effects

VN Video Editor allows you to really sharpen up and create a refined video with so much more control and so much more features than you have in the Instagram app. Try playing with those apps o get more confident because they will help you to make cool Instagram Reels.


The first one is Placeit. This is an amazing online service where you can easily create video animations, video intros, animated text, and graphics that you can easily drag and drop into your videos. This platform is super-easy to use. It will help you to create high-quality videos in seconds. Simply pick a video maker, type your text, pick your colors and download your finished video.


The second one is Storyblocks. This is another amazing online service that gives you access to tons of B-roll or stock footage, so you do not need to go and shoot everything yourself. There is a massive library of video clips that you can download and use in your videos to help make them more engaging. All their files are royalty-free, meaning you do not need to worry about getting a copyright strike.

Once you finish editing your video, check it out and save it. Make sure there is no end screen, or watermark, or branding saved on it with some of these free apps.