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How to Create PicsArt Triangle Effect in 2023

PicsArt is one of the most popular android photo editing apps.

In Google Play Store, about 9,533,659 users download this app for enhancing their mobile photos.

Using this mobile photo editor, you can create stunning effects, for example, the PicsArt triangle effect, dripping effect, and smoke effect.

Not only that, but you can also do photo beautify workflow using PicsArt.

Today, we are going to learn how to create a Picsart triangle pop up effect.

The best part of this guide is I have included 5 simple steps that are easy to follow.

In short, if you are new in PicsArt, you can easily create this triangle pop up effect following these steps.

In this case, you don’t need to have any previous skills.

So, let’s dive in.

5 Simple Steps to Create PicsArt Triangle Effect

Step 1. Open and erase the image background using Cutout tool

First, you should open an image in Picart on which you want to create this triangle effect.

To open an image, you should first run this app on your device. Then, click on the ‘+’ icon. It lets you to your photo gallery.

From there, tap on the All photos, then choose the photo you want to edit.

Afterward, choose the Cutout tool. It helps you to erase the photo background.

You can find the cutout tool next to the Stickers.

So, click on it and adjust your brush size according to your photo. Then, start creating an outline around your image.

Once you complete creating the outline, click on the eye icon to make it visible. It lets you see the missing area.

Here, I miss creating an outline at the bottom of the hand area. So, I set the hardness and size of the brush according to 96 and 27. Then, start erasing.

When you completed, click on the save button from above to save the file.

Step 2. Take a white background and work with the Draw tool

After saving the photo, you need to back to the main editing panel. Scroll down and take a white background from the Color Backgrounds.

Next, select the Draw tool. You find this option next to the Mask.

Now, what you need to do is first make a copy of the white background. Second, you need to take two empty layers.

To create an empty layer, tap on the icon that looks like the below screenshot.

Then, click on the + icon to create an empty layer.

Make sure you keep the empty layers above to the white background layers.

Again from the same panel, click on the icon and choose the triangle effect like the below screenshot showed.

Keep in mind; you must check the Fill. Then, click ok.

To change the color of the triangle, click on the square icon at the bottom left side of your screen, and choose black. Next, click on the tick mark icon.

To see the triangle effect icon, click anywhere on your mobile screen.

I rotate this click on the rotate option.

What I do next click on the triple triangle icon and then click on the first white background to set the triangle.

Next, click and select the second empty layer.

Tap on the photo icon button and choose the photo you already erased the background. According to your need, crop the photo.

After it, set the photo over the triangle layer. Then, set the opacity of the layer to 50%. Make sure you work on the empty layer where you put the photo.

Then, erase the area outside of the triangle. To do that, click on the eraser tool.

Next, click on the tool next to the image icon and choose the Square.

Finally, start erasing to get the job done. When you do the job done, click on the Save button.

Here, the result after saving it.

Step 3. Go to Tools > Stretch

Click on Tools from the top-bottom toolbar menu.

When you click on the Tools, it brings up a popup menu like this.

From the pop-up menu, click on the Stretch.

Then, set the size to 14 and the power to 59.

Note: You should set the size and the power according to your photo.

Then, start stretching like the below screenshot.

Once you completed it, click on the save button to save it.

Step 4. Go to Effect and choose Shear & adjust it

In this step, you need to go to Effect > Shear. Then, fine-tune the size, opacity, and hardness according to 27, 99, and 97.

Next, click on the restore icon and start brushing over the edge of the stretch area.

After completing it, click on the tick mark icon from the top-right side of the screen.

Here how the photo looks after changing.

Step 5. Import the photo in Lightroom and give the final touch

Finally, open the edited photo in your Lightroom mobile version app and correct the photo color.

After completing the adjustment, save the photo. Here how our final photo looks like:


Creating PicsArt Triangle effect is simple. Follow the above guideline I provided step by step to do the job done yourself.

For your convenience, I have included the simple 5 steps here again.

  • Open and erase the image background using Cutout tool
  • Take a white background and work with the Draw tool
  • Go to Tools > Stretch
  • Go to Effect and choose Shear & adjust it
  • Import the photo in Lightroom and give the final touch

Are you going to apply these simple steps to create the triangle pop up effects on PicsArt?

If you face any problem, then let me know.

I will help you.

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