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How to Change Instagram Profile Picture in 2023

The Instagram profile picture is a very important and essential part of your Instagram account. It is important for your profile promotion and perception of the Instagram page in general. If your profile picture does not look professional you might be losing a great number of prospective clients. People often underestimate the importance of their profile picture.  Remember, Instagram’s audience is paying attention to the unique and memorable visual identity. If you want your profile to stand out in the busy newsfeed, you are in the right place. In this article, we will cover how to change Instagram profile pic and how to make your Instagram profile picture pop. Know “How to Change Instagram Profile Picture in 2023”

How to Change Instagram Profile Picture in 2023

It is easier to use the Instagram app to change your profile pic. This method will work both for iPhone and Android users. Follow this easy step-by-step guide:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap Edit Profile button. (it is located right below your bio)
  • Click Change Profile Photo on your profile page
  • An options menu will pop up from the bottom. You can either Remove Photo, Take a New Photo or Choose from Library the photo you prepared.
  • Select the picture you want and tap Done in the top-right.

Your profile photo will be changed successfully.

Can’t Change Profile Picture on Instagram in 2022

Sometimes you might get an error message, that means you’re unable to update your profile picture on Instagram.

  • One of the common errors is “Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture”

Many Instagram users are facing this issue and it can be very frustrating. Usually you are unable to change your profile picture on Instagram either because of a glitch, or you do not have proper Internet connection.

Make sure you are connected to the network. If your mobile service fails, use Wi-Fi connection.

If your connection is good, try to clear the cache and reinstall the Instagram app. It should solve the issue.

  • The other error can be: Unable to press the next icon after selecting a new photo.

If you are facing this issue you can log in to your Instagram account on your mobile browser or a PC and change your profile picture. This will definitely resolve the problem you’re facing.

How do you make an Instagram profile pic that pops?

When it comes to choosing a good profile picture for your Instagram profile, what we recommend is

  1. Find a  high-quality headshot

Make sure to crop the image so it shows your shoulders up.  Your profile picture in the newsfeed is very small and people will not see those details. You want to make your profile picture as simple as possible. In addition, you want people to be able to see your smiling face because at the end of the day PEOPLE DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE. Find your best headshot and crop it so it is shoulders up.

2. Your eyes should be looking to the camera or to the side

In terms of your headshot, choose a picture where your eyes are looking at the camera or to the side. The side view can be really effective when you are actually looking at your bio and link in your bio. The side view can be really effective when you are actually looking at your bio and the link in your bio. Make sure that it is actually pointed towards your bio and not the other way around. And what that does is direct visitors to get it to your bio. We also recommend using a clean simple background for your headshot.

3. The picture  background should be bright and simple

A lot of people have photos where the background behind them looks muted, gray, or brown. This is not going to pop in the feed very well.  A good profile picture should make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. It should be (as we call it) an autopilot stopper. Meaning, it should make people snap out of their autopilot just for a split of a second to catch their attention.

So if you have taken a photo and you do not have a bright-colored background behind you, we recommend using the Canva app that offers a tool that allows you to erase the background behind you. And you can overlay a color right behind you. We will post the instructions at the end of the article.

Josie Bullard chose a brand color of pink to represent her brand.

4. Chose a color that is related to your brand or your visual identity

We recommend choosing a color that is related to your brand or your visual identity and also something that pops.

You might be reading this and thinking- that’s great but I am not the face of my brand. I am a product-based business. In this case, we recommend a lifestyle image. Choose one that really shows your product in a lifestyle format. So it could be your number one product that you really want to feature (like a t-shirt, stuffed animal). Try to find a lifestyle image of a customer using it.

5. Do not use a text-based image

When it comes to the profile image, the number one mistake that business owners make is using a text-based image. Something like a logo or favicon. Remember that in the newsfeed, your profile picture is going to show up tiny. So when you are using an image that’s packed with text whether it is your logo or something else, keep in mind that people will not be able to read that text.


How to remove background in Canva

  1. Open Canva
  2. Create a square post and pull in one of your best headshots
  3. Make sure your photo covers the entire canvas in Canva and it goes right to the very ends
  4. Go to the Effects area
  5. Click on Background Remover
  6. In one click Canva will remove the background of your image.
  7. Go to Elements
  8. Grab a square or rectangle element and cover your image up
  9. Go to position and hit “backward”
  10. Now you have created a beautiful color right behind your headshot.
  11. You can change the color of the background to the color the works best for you. Just use Canva color palette generator.