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How To Remove Background Picmonkey in 2023

“Today, I am going to describe how to remove background in Picmonkey- step by step. Usually, I use Photoshop for removing the background precisely. But, it takes a lot of time to remove the background in Photoshop. Besides, it is a robust photo editing software that I can’t use it on my phone.

On the other hand, Picmonkey is a web-based photo editing app. It means I can remove the background from a photo wherever I am and what devices I use. Unlikely Photoshop, there is no learning curve to erase the photo background with Picmonkey.

Indeed, anyone can edit, erase, and make the background transparent with Picmonkey.

Note: Picmonkey is no longer free to use. So, you can check out this article to find a free alternative to Picmonkey.

So, let’s dive into this guide.

How to Remove Background in Picmonkey?

Step 1. Go to Picmonkey official page

  • At first, go to the official page of Picmonkey by clicking here. The homepage of this online photo editor looks like the below screenshot.
  • From there, click on the ‘Make Something’ button.
  • You can find a pop-up box like the below screenshot that tells you to sign up.

So, sign up with your Gmail or Google account. I already created an account. So, I click on the login button and use my google account to sign into Picmonkey.

Step 2. Open an image

  • Now, it’s time to play with the image you want to edit (a little bit joke here).
  • Click on the Edit new image icon to open an image in Picmonkey.
  • When you click on the icon, it brings a page like this.
  • It tells from where you want to open your photo and edit with Picmonkey.
  • Picmonkey lets you open a photo from your computer, Hub, stock photos, and others.
  • I click on the ‘+’ icon as I want to open an image from my gallery (computer).
  • It takes a little bit to load and open the photo.
  • And here is the image I want to edit and remove the background.

How To Remove Background Picmonkey

Step 3. Create a new layer

  • In this step, you need to create a new layer of the original photo.
  • To create a layer, click on the ‘Layers’ icon from the top-left bottom of your screen.
  • When you click on Layers, a dialogue box appears like this.
  • From there, tap on Convert to layer to create a new layer.
  • Now, you can see a dialogue box (layer) on the right side of the windows.
  • You can remove the background from there with a single click using the Remove Background feature.
  • But the con is you can enjoy this feature in the premium version.
  • As I don’t use the premium version, I let you know how to remove the background in Picmonkey manually.

Step 4. Use the Erase tool to remove background with Picmonkey (manually)

From the layer panel, choose the Erase tool. When you click on this option, it shows some options like this.

Choose the Erase tool

  • Adjust the brush size using the easy-to-use slider-based tools according to your need.
  • After adjusting, start brushing over the background area of your photo.
  • Can you see the magic?
  • It is erasing the background area.
  • So, keep brushing until the background erases completely.
  • Here is the result I get after erasing the background.
  • Pretty cool, right?
  • However, there are still some background areas between the hand and body area.
  • Besides, I have mistakenly removed the foreground area like the hand of the baby. So, I need to fix that.
  • First, let’s remove the background between the hand and body area of the photo.
  • To do that, zoom the image according to your photo.
  • In my case, I zoom the photo up to 100% and set the brush size to 13-15.
  • Next what I do is- start brushing to remove the existing background area.

The result I get after fixing the errors:

2nd result

  • Now, it’s time to fix the area (foreground) I mistakenly cut out.
  • To do this, choose the tool next to the erase tool.
  • This tool helps you to restore the area you deleted accidentally.
  • To get the accurate output, adjust the brush size according to your photo.
  • Then, start brushing over the area to get back them.
  • And here is the final result after restoring the area I deleted.
  • Thus it. Picmonkey precisely lets me erase the background and make it transparent.

Step 5. Share the final result with your friend

Unfortunately, you can’t download the image you edited in the free version of Picmonkey.

However, you can share your image through social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Drive, and so on.


I hope you can learn how to remove background in PicMonkey following the simple 5 steps I mentioned above. If you forget the step, then I have included them here again for your convenience. Go to Picmonkey official page>Open an image>Create a new layer
>Use the Erase tool to remove background with Picmonkey (manually)>Share the final result with your friend

Do you find this guide helpful? If yes, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Have any questions about this? Leave a comment below to let me know.